Which social media apps will be out of fashion by 2030


It’s incredibly hard to imagine that the best social media networks won’t exist in the future, especially when you consider how much technology influences people today. The facts confirm that new social media platforms usually appear, but others disappear just as predictably. That said, there are a few social media platforms that don’t look like they’re going to go away any time soon.

If you want to know which social media platforms you can count on to still be present in the next ten years, read on. This article will discuss, in general terms, the various changes we can hope to see with social media platforms in the future.


Facebook is one of the social media platforms that we can expect to pursue in the future. Facebook appears to have a long life ahead of it, not only because of its ever-growing number of users (with over two billion active users at the time of writing), but also because its use is so established that it is difficult for us. to talk or think of the Internet without thinking of Facebook. This is even more prevalent in some countries and regions.

Facebook has predicted that by 2020, 80% of smartphone users will be using a mobile messaging app, with one of the most apparent uses being customer service. Yet, many small and large businesses also use messaging apps as their primary means of communicating with their customers.

This opens the door for conversational commerce to expand far beyond simple messaging, with many messaging apps becoming the focal point of mobile commerce, product discovery, and customer relationship management workflows.


On the other hand, we have Twitter. Although it had shown signs of disappearing in the past, it is indeed a established social network. Twitter is a platform where you can share news and have conversations, similar to a “second screen” platform. Of course, its user growth has slowed down, and some evolutions to its platform have failed to convince everyone to embrace its use. However, the platform of the little bird has enough pleasant qualities to survive for a long time, both through its use on PCs and smartphones. Who doesn’t love to stay on top of the latest funny and outrageous discussion threads and also receive live updates on their favorite sports teams? No matter what critics say, Twitter is still relevant today, and it could very well still exist in 2030.


The same can be said for YouTube, King of Kings when it comes to video platforms, although it has lost some of its strength due to Facebook’s efforts to increase its videos and live streaming capabilities. YouTube continues to be a powerful social media network, mainly thanks to YouTubers – people who use the platform for vlogging, documentary sharing, and more. These people are very influential on a large segment of the online consumer population. Let’s not forget that you can also create paid channels online with YouTube. So as long as ordinary people do it on the platform, it will stick.


Although they tried to jump on the social media bandwagon, Google+ never really took off. For the most part, some people continue to use it because they think “it helps and boosts SEO.” However, due to its lack of popularity and user base, this is a social network that many don’t plan to reach in 2030 unless it gets a significant upgrade!


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in recent years and is ideal for content creators and other creatives. Its popularity is due to many factors, such as its user-friendliness and how much people love and care more about images than plain text. The thousands of Instagrammer Communities around the world make this platform, which may be different from other social media platforms in many ways, one of the most popular in the world. Even with the controversy sparked when Instagram decided to block others from seeing how many “likes” a person receives on their photos, Instagram’s user base has grown exponentially and influencers are still winning. money using the app – more money than ever in 2021. thanks to e-commerce.


When it comes to promoting your business or your professional experience and expertise, LinkedIn is the first point of call. Whether used to recruit new hires for a position, get more clients, make business contacts, or just participate in professional group discussions, LinkedIn will always be relevant until a new platform is created. media with the same concept takes over. . However, we only see this happen if this hypothetical new platform offers lower prices and is endorsed by leading organizations in the industry. Other than that, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn will see its way until 2030.


Last, but not least, we have to pay tribute to Snapchat. Created in 2011, the app has grown significantly for many years after its inception, with millions of people using it daily.

However, in recent years, Snapchat has become the type of app that is the first to be removed when people make room on their smartphones for other apps. Unfortunately, many celebrities and influencers have shied away from it due to numerous scandals and bad publicity involving the app over the years. Therefore, thanks to the influence of celebrities, many of its users have done the same. Snapchat can thank its lucky stars for their filters. This might be the only thing that keeps the app afloat! Can we expect to see Snapchat coming in 2030? Probably not, but anything is possible!


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