TruSo, a black-owned social networking app to be launched


TruSo, a black-owned social networking app to be launched

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent

A new app could end the so-called “Black Twitter” experiment and allow African Americans to have their own social media platform.

Backed by celebrities Sway Calloway, Kareem Grimes, Terrell Owens and Miki Barber, black-owned social networking app TruSo is set to debut.

“I believe in the power of community – especially cultural communities,” said Matthew Newman, Founder and CEO of TruSo, in a press release.

“When it comes to the black community, the whole world has witnessed what we can accomplish when we unite behind a cause – we create a phenomenon.”

Newman continued:

“Now we’re introducing a social community that’s built and funded by Blacks for Blacks and has built-in monetization for everyone to win. Those who use the app should also benefit financially. That’s what we’ve built .

TruSo was reportedly designed to “enhance and advance personal and professional aspirations.”

It includes a content calendar that engages prominent figures in several categories: arts and culture, business and marketing, and more.

Calloway said his partnership with the app was strategic and he thought others would use it very well.

“I got involved with TruSo because this technology is really disruptive in the social media space,” he said.

Grimes said Newman “has a clear vision and go-to-market strategy. I’ve worked with him on other projects, so I know his business acumen well and appreciated the opportunity to work with him. involve.

Upon launch, TruSo will be available for Apple and Android users.

The app is free, and people who join the waitlist in July will receive a six-month free premium subscription. Sign up at and enter the referral code TruSoPR21.


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