Trumpists admit their own social media platforms aren’t much fun when they can’t use them to own the libs


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We’ve covered some of the struggles that Trump’s Truth Social has had in getting users to actually use the platform, and the same seems to be true for various other aspiring Twitter Trumpists like Parler and GETTR. NBC News has a somewhat hilarious story in which its reporters went to talk to “conservative influencers” to get their thoughts, and they all seem unenthusiastic about these other platformscomplaining that they are all just “echo chambers”.

That buzz was tempered by influencers who said that while they used these platforms, they didn’t see them as a substitute for the broad reach of mainstream options. Many of them used the phrase “echo chamber” when discussing their concerns about the platforms.

“I think the challenge a lot of these newbies have is not being an echo chamber for people who have similar beliefs,” said Alex Weber, a content creator who has been embraced by online conservatives. after posting videos criticizing mask mandates, vaccine mandates and the mainstream media. “I think the reason Instagram and Facebook and all of that has such an impact is because you all have different types of people.”

It’s fun (and eye-opening) on ​​so many levels. First, considering how much time they’ve spent complaining about how Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. were their own “echo chambers”, they actually know, deep down, that these sites actually have “all different types of people”. This is because contrary to the Trumpist narrative, none of these sites actually ban people based on ideology. They only do this if you violate their rules. The narrative of point of view discrimination is bullshit. And the Conservatives know it.

It’s also funny in that it points out that these “influencers” are only doing this because they want to engage in culture wars. They get leverage by “owning the libs” or whatever nonsense, and you can’t do that unless you can piss people off.

But, more importantly, it should highlight the focus of many of these so-called “free speech” battles. It’s not about the right to speak — because they have it on all these other platforms. What they’re really asking is a right to a hearingand whatever Elon Musk says, the “principles of freedom of expression” have never included that.

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