Top 5: Social Media Apps


We use almost all social networks.

Whether it’s to stay on top of local events, follow our favorite celebrities, or share cute photos, we all love to relax at the end of the day by scrolling through our phones.

However, each social media platform offers users unique features and content. Here are my five best social media apps!

5. Facebook

While Facebook once served as a place to share cute photos or write comedic statuses, it has slowly evolved into a hotbed for all that is negative and cynical. No matter what a Facebook post is about, instead of positive support or constructive criticism, the comments section will be filled with arguments and name-calling. Despite Facebook’s efforts to improve their site, this platform appears to be fertile ground for disputes, hate speech and conspiracy theories.

Facebook is also incredibly outdated and less suited to a younger audience. With younger individuals flocking to other newer platforms, content on Facebook appears to be less aimed at teenagers.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat, while very common among younger communities, doesn’t quite do it for me. While offering cool features like Geofilters and Snap Map, it seems to offer a lot of services that other platforms do better.

For example, instead of sending a chat on Snapchat, I would prefer to use Instagram DMs or text messaging. I also prefer Instagram face filters over Snapchat because I find the Instagram platform has a wider variety of filters available. This sentiment continues with Instagram Stories to Snapchat Stories. I find Snapchat stories lacking the degree of personalization that Instagram has reached.

Although Snapchat has some unique features, its core services are offered in a superior way by other social media platforms, which puts it at the bottom of the scale.

3. TikTok

TikTok has managed to become one of the fastest growing social media platforms over the past year. With music, filters, and duets, this app feels like a modern take on the once thriving Vine platform. With content for everyone imaginable, the app’s algorithm does a good job of tailoring its content to your interests. However, there is a slight downside to this platform.

TikTok is easily the most addicting social media app. A few minutes of harmless scrolling can often turn into hours spent. Therefore, as a student, this application is very dangerous. A night planned for studying can quickly be spent browsing TikTok.

2. Instagram

Instagram allows users to implement a great deal of creativity. From managing your flow to design story strengths, this platform allows a great degree of customization. Instagram also offers a wide variety of ways to share content. Standard Instagram posts, IGTVs, reels and stories, there is something for everyone.

There are Instagram accounts available for every topic imaginable. From memes pages to celebrity fan pages, there is content of all kinds. This allows your personal Explorer page to be easily customized to your liking.

1. Twitter

First and foremost is Twitter, which can provide quick information to the user. Used by almost everyone from journalists to politicians to celebrities, the content presented is diverse and unique. By limiting users to just 280 characters, the platform forces users to be concise. As a consumer of content, this makes accessing information very easy and fast.

The platform also offers a trends page, allowing users to see what is currently popular in their country. This feature is very useful for keeping abreast of current events, both local and global.

Twitter is unique in its ability to connect users through common points of interest in a succinct and practical way. This platform is superior in its ability to quickly deliver information and content on a variety of topics to its users.


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