Top 20 social media apps and sites in 2022


Humans are social animals, but with the age of technology, you don’t have to move to make new friends, you can just relax in their homes and talk to people all over the world. This is the reason why social media is so popular. If you are addicted to social media and social media, this article is for you. Here are the 20 best social media apps and sites of 2022

Just check out the list of 20 social media apps and sites below.

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If you make a list of social media platforms and don’t include Facebook, you’re missing out on a great thing. Facebook is by far the most famous social media platform, its users ranging from teenagers to retired old citizens. Everyone uses Facebook on a daily basis to get life updates from friends and family.

With over 2.7 billion users, this is the place to go if you want to easily connect with most of the people in your current or past life. So if you haven’t used Facebook yet, now is the time to use it.


Signal messaging appSignal is a centralized, cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging service. With Signal, you can send text messages and share photos and videos with your contacts. It is a very good alternative to Whatsapp.


Audio not working in Instagram reels and Instagram stories_ The 5 Best Ways To Fix It.Initially, Instagram was just a photo and video sharing platform and has now grown into one of the top social media platforms. Instagram is very popular among young people. With the addition of reels and IGTV, Instagram has now become a one stop shop for all social media needs.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey steps down, Parag Agarwal Chief Technical Officer appointed new CEO: All about the new CEOIf you want to connect with people and don’t waste time scrolling through memes and videos, then Twitter is the option for you. It is a microblogging site that allows you to share your thoughts in limited words. So every word counts! You also get the latest news, instant reactions, and access to your favorite sports stars, celebrities and journalists on Twitter.

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boundIf you like Facebook and are also looking for a job, Linkedin is a great option for you. Facebook’s familiar interface makes it easy to understand and you can search for jobs on this platform as well. You can connect with those you admire and can talk to them.


LineLine is another good alternative to Whatsapp. The social media platform allows you to send messages and make free voice or video calls. It also allows photo and video sharing options.


SnapchatIf you like to share every moment of your life on the go then Snapchat is the social media platform you should look for, it allows users to quickly send photos and videos to their friends and they can’t watch media that you have sent only once. You can also use filters to unleash your creativity.


Compassionate Pinterest Search 2If you are looking for some great ideas or inspiration for your next project, you can also use Pinterest. It is a platform for sharing images on social networks. You can add images to your public or private boards, follow other users and boards, and comment on Pins. It’s a great platform for inspiration.


Top 2 Ways to Fix YouTube PiP (Picture in Picture) Not Working on AndroidYouTube is the largest social media video sharing platform. Youtube allows users to create and download videos for whatever they want. You can also be rewarded if you reach a certain mark set by Youtube. You can find funny comedy videos to discuss sensitive topics at the same time on Youtube.


GlassIt is a microblogging and social media site that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short blog. The network also supports HTML editing; if you are proficient enough, you can completely customize the look and layout of your page.

Sina Weibo

WeiboWeibo is a Chinese Twitter. With over 500 million users, it is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Most famous CEOs of Chinese companies post details of their upcoming project on this platform.


TIC TacTikTok is an app that doesn’t need any sort of introduction, with its approach to short format video content, it has taken the world under its massive wave. Social media app is banned in many countries including India but if you have access to this app you can definitely use it.


DiscordAnother fairly famous social media platform is Discord. It is very popular among gamers because many gamers use it to create team channels and discuss game strategy.

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TelegramTelegram is an instant messaging platform somewhat similar to WhatsApp. But it also comes with a lot of cool features, you can make groups of over 200 people on Telegram. It is also used to watch exclusive video content. It is available for Android and iOS

My space

My spaceIt is one of the oldest social media platforms. Before the rise of Facebook and Twitter, it was the world’s largest social media platform. The main focus of the platform is music, but you can also upload blogs to it.


ViberIf you are tired of using Whatsapp, you can also check out Viber which is an instant messaging tool. You can use it to make free voice or video calls and send messages and it can also be used on the desktop.


SkypeSkype is a very popular web conferencing and social media platform. The platform also provides instant messaging functionality and you can use it to share texts, images, videos and audio files. Skype was very popular and was synonymous with video calls before Zoom and Google Meet came into the picture.


WeChatIt is also a good alternative to Whatsapp, it allows you to connect with people using your app id. You can use it to send text messages or share photos and videos. It also supports voice and video calls. The application is also banned in some countries, including India.


FlickrFlickr is a popular social media photo sharing platform that allows users to share photos and graphic designs. You can also join groups and connect with new people with common interests. On Flickr, users can share high quality original images on the platform or discover relevant images from other users.


TicTwitch is a live streaming platform primarily used by games to live stream their gameplay videos. The platform has approximately 10 million monthly broadcasters. Users can interact with and comment on other players’ live streams.

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