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Regardless of your level of experience, social media can be a game-changer for the real estate industry. Choosing the “right” social media platforms doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are the most effective platforms for real estate companies and real estate agents.

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For a brokerage or real estate developer, the goal of your social media strategy is likely to grow your team of real estate agents, showcase properties, build brand awareness, and share industry news. the company.

When it comes to selecting platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great choices for businesses that have the above goals in mind. Each platform offers unique content tools best suited to organizations, without the steep learning curve.

Before you begin your social media efforts, clarify who will handle social media marketing within your organization. The two common choices are hiring internally or finding a marketing partner to run social media for the business.


LinkedIn is the perfect place to share details about business projects, keep your business contacts up to date with company news, and show that you have the pulse of the real estate market. You can also leverage LinkedIn to engage in social listening, recruit top real estate agents, and establish “thought leader” status for your brokerage’s management team.

To ensure your LinkedIn Company Page content gets maximum reach, encourage your team to share relevant company posts through their own LinkedIn profiles and tag the Company Page as often as possible. when sharing properties and more.


According to Statista, Twitter ranks among the main social networks worldwide, with 328 million monthly active users. It is a great lead generation platform and can drive traffic to your website.

Twitter is also great for connecting with real estate media contacts, sharing company news, and discovering other real estate agents and real estate influencers. Its algorithms help you target leads and accounts with better content and engage with them using advanced search and hashtags.


Apart from its huge audience, Facebook offers ideal tools for real estate organizations to easily share value-driven content.

Facebook Creator Studio makes it easy for your marketing team to create and schedule content with just a few clicks without the need for additional scheduling software. Facebook is also the perfect platform for showcasing your business properties in photo and video format, while its advertising tools allow you to promote key listings, industry events, property tours and more.

Where a real estate organization can use social media to grow its team of agents and build brand reach, individual real estate agents can use it to attract customers, highlight listings, and feature customers who have recently purchased. the house of their dreams. If you’re a real estate agent, you have the ability to leverage more visual and creative platforms to achieve these goals and more.

Video marketing on Instagram and TikTok:

Video content dominates the social media landscape and will continue to do so. This is great news for real estate agents, as there are several social media platforms designed with video content in mind.

Instagram is perhaps the most influential social media platform for individual real estate agents. Its visual nature and extensive video capabilities make it easy to share a wealth of content in digestible formats and without the need for fancy equipment.

Instagram Reels and stories allow you to share short and quick listing tours, video messages with news about open houses or upcoming events, behind-the-scenes moments and more. All you need is your phone!

If you’re comfortable in front of the camera or in voiceover, presenting video home tours allows others to connect with you and generates buzz around your listings.

In the world of social media, consistently posting quality content is the key to lasting success. No matter which platform(s) you choose, you don’t have to post every day. Pick a realistic and manageable posting schedule that works for you, and only share really valuable content, like listing information, house tours, client features, and industry news. A few high-quality posts each week are a great place to start.

Have a strong social network strategy in place before you start choosing platforms or posting to your feed. This mitigates against being overwhelmed, ensures that your time and resources are effectively maximized, and ensures that your content will be solid and value-driven.

With the right strategy, social media can improve organic reach, build brand awareness, help realtors develop thought leadership, and attract clients.


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