The 10 best social media platforms for photographers to showcase their talent



Social media provides a great opportunity for photographers to connect with potential clients. In the digital age, this is a great asset.

By presenting your work on these networks, you can reach new audiences. Whether you are a professional or freelance photographer, the following social platforms will help you show off your work and grab the attention of the right people …

View the Behance profile for photographers' social networks

Behance is a classic portfolio posting network that works like a LinkedIn for creatives. Designed by Adobe, this is one of the best photo networking sites available today. The platform is ideal for sharing your portfolio and favorite images, allowing other Behance users to like and comment on your photos.

By learning from their professional comments and reviews, you can improve your work. The best feature of Behance is that it lets you find professional concert opportunities right on the platform. With your portfolio already available on the site, finding work becomes easy.

To download: Behance for Android | iPhone (free)

Visualization of the Visura web application interface

Visura is not exclusively for photographers. It also allows editors and other creative visual freelancers to connect and be part of a personal network. By using Visura’s sharing tools, you can make sure your work is reaching the right people.

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In addition to posting your photography portfolio, this platform also allows you to blog and share news of your work with a wider community. Since this web platform also has photojournalists among its members, it provides a great opportunity to connect with them for better exposure.

To download: Visura for Android | iPhone (free)

Visual showing the Pinterest home page of a photographer profile

Pinterest is different from other social media sites because it’s not just about getting likes or followers. It provides links to your website and attracts potential customers. This means that sharing images on Pinterest can direct the business to your website.

By using beautiful pins, you can show your photography skills to the world. Its quick share option attracts more people to your work in no time. Pinterest also keeps you up to date with the latest photography trends.

Many users use this platform to find wedding and event photographers. If a photo goes viral, you don’t have to wait to get tons of work done.

To download: Pinterest for Android | iPhone (free)

Image showing exhibition account services as a photographer's social media

If you are a photographer who wants to share stories about your photos with the world, this is the right social media platform for you. While Expo’s free plan only lets you post three stories per month, you can still subscribe to its paid plans for more.

Reading the articles published on Exposure will give you the impression that you are browsing your favorite magazine. Its neat and easy-to-read layout with large-format photos makes browsing the platform convenient.

Viewing Instagram profile as social media for photographers

Instagram is the mandatory entry in the list of all social platforms related to photography. The immense popularity of this website puts your portfolio on a platform with around a billion users.

In addition to offering a space to share works and finally compile a virtual gallery, it allows you to interact with your subscribers. You can draw inspiration from it and gain confidence for larger projects.

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You can also develop a community of photo enthusiasts through your account as this platform is full of people looking for stunning photography and connections. Use it as a valuable marketing tool by posting high quality photos that attract potential customers.

To download: Instagram for Android | iPhone (free)

Visual display of the photographer's social network profile 500px

This popular social media site focuses solely on photography. Besides showing your work in front of a global audience, it also allows you to promote your own photography workshops. One downside to this platform is that it doesn’t offer categories for photographs.

The site also allows you to present your photos with excellent image quality. At the same time, you can license your photos at 500px with a 60% share of the final price.

To download: 500px for Android | iPhone (free)

Viewing a photographer's profile on social networks in YouPic

YouPic is a great place to interact with the best photographers around the world. It is a space for professional photographers to share their work and ideas with their subscribers. In addition, you can find clients.

You can also use this platform to sell your photos and services at an attractive price.

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In addition to receiving reviews for the photographs, you will also receive ratings from others.

To download: YouPic for Android | iPhone (free)

Image showing Steller, a social media outlet for photographers


Steller is for mobile users who want to create their own mini magazines with their photos. You can publish an album of your photos and create a story around the album.

After you have developed a story, you can share it with other members of the platform. This allows you to share comments and exchange ideas with others.

If the platform showcases your story, you will get better exposure as a photographer. It comes with a modern interface and the process is straightforward.

You can add images directly from your smartphone gallery and the photos look great in the layout. Presenting your stories to the wide audience of this platform could be a big boost to your work.

To download: Steller for Android | iPhone (free)

Viewing Photographer's Social Media Account in Fstoppers

Fstoppers is first and foremost a website that shares the latest news and reviews about photography and its gear. However, it also functions as a platform where photographers can share their portfolio work on their personal profiles. You can get feedback from fellow photographers in this community and compare your work.

You can even participate in the photographic content organized by the site.

Visual showing Ello's website, the photographer's social media platform


This fun platform aims to serve modern visual artists, including photographers, by sharing their portfolio work. If you follow the modern style of photography, this is the perfect social media platform for you.

You can join the global community of artists on Ello and network with creators.

This not only allows you to share your work, but it also gives you opportunities to be inspired. Some of the best talent in contemporary art are members of the platform. You can use Ello for free and its interface offers seamless navigation.

To download: Ello for Android | iPhone (free)

With the world relying more than ever on social media, photographers have so many opportunities to see their work. These sites and apps are some of the best social media platforms for photographers.

By marketing their creative work, photographers can gain attention and visibility within the online community and grow their business.


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