Supreme Court requests compliance report from social media platforms on child pornography


As the widespread use of social media and online networking sites to abuse children has resulted in a proliferation of photographs and web pages circulating, the Supreme Court asked all social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to file a compliance report in six weeks.

Along with this, the Supreme Court also requested a report from the central government. The Supreme Court has asked the central government to list measures taken to stop child pornography and rape videos on their platform.

Notably, the central government will file a detailed report on the measures taken to end child pornography and the uploading of rape videos on social media platforms.

In particular, very worrying developments are being observed on social media platforms. The widespread abuse of social media to share transformed images of women and content related to revenge pornography has often threatened the dignity of women.

According to sources, Facebook reported a staggering 55.6 million pieces of content under “child nudity and sexual exploitation” in 2021. Facebook is not alone; Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit and Snapchat combined remove millions of posts and images that violate community guidelines on child abuse.

Notably, the central government periodically blocks websites containing child sexual exploitation (CSAM) material based on Interpol’s worst list received through the national nodal agency for Interpol in India.


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