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When creating a social media campaign, there are many different things you need to consider before submitting your content. You need to think about creating good social media accounts, quality content, and which social media site to submit to.

Finally, you get to the point where you can submit your content and take a break…but not for long. The days of “submit and forget” are over. Once you submit your content, the social media campaign really begins and you only have an average of about 24 hours to help get your content to the popular page of the site you submitted it to.

Here are a few things you should do to help your submission through this very important part of your social media campaign.

Join the conversation
There is always more to your story. It can be an opinion or comment that opens a line of debate or conversation, a comparison to another similar story, or more information about the same story you are telling.

Search and find additional information or articles related to your topic and use the comment system to add more value to the campaign you are pushing. Remember, the only thing you should be focusing on during the 24-hour push is getting more votes.

If someone else is leading with a comment or discussion, then embrace it. Reach out to your network and also ask your friends to comment. If someone comments positively on your submission, vote on that comment to help them stand out. If someone comments negatively on your submission, upvote that comment and ask your network to do the same. Some systems can sort comments based on their rating and also delete them if they get enough downvotes.

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Ask your network for help
Reach out to people in your network and ask them to vote on your submissions. Be careful not to abuse or abuse your friends and be considerate in how you ask your friends for support. Try to rotate and only send requests to a few people at a time so you don’t become an annoyance.

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Use community networking features
Many sites have features that allow you to share your submission with friends and users in that community. Use these systems responsibly and you can find great support from the community.


Remember, your job isn’t done just because you’ve submitted your content to a social community. You need to stay involved and support your campaign. Every vote counts and you should do everything possible to make your submission the popular page.

Social media campaigns can be long and tiring, but if you want the links, branding, and traffic that social media can bring, you have to work on it.

Brent Csutoras is an internet marketing consultant, specializing in social media, viral marketing and search engines. The Let’s Get Social column appears Tuesdays on Search Engine Land.

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