SOHO SELF to Launch Social Networking App Offering User-Owned Interactive 3D Luxury Apartments as Social Hubs


SOHO SELF builds a blockchain-based 3D social networking application in a huge, realistic virtual apartment tower that allows neighbors to visit each other’s virtual apartments and interact. The 3D apartments will be available in a range of sizes from low rise units to penthouses. Users can express themselves and socialize, in their own virtual property, free from data mining, targeted marketing, or content censorship.

“We envisioned a social framework that would allow users to truly visualize themselves,” said a representative from SOHO. “Along with that, we wanted to change the paradigm that was common in social media. SOHO users will own the virtual space that hosts their social activities, and they will own and control their content. The company points to an endless number of reports and studies regarding information privacy and censorship on various networks.

“The SOHO app will encompass a number of commonly used social tools and even more new stuff that people are clamoring for – all in an engaging virtual apartment setting. Users will be able to visit each other’s virtual space and interact in a more meaningful way. “

The new SOHO SELF introductory website details the options available to users in choosing a virtual apartment and shows all the interactivity that users will enjoy in the spaces. “Our plan is to allow a limited number of users due to network demands for an application with the capabilities and visual quality of SOHO. We have opened free pre-registration for a specific number of virtual apartments and will close pre-registration as different unit levels are booked.


SOHO SELF is a massive virtual tower with interactive digital HOUSES that our users own and customize. Your interactive 3D space replaces the outdated social profile and is what YOU want it to be. Socialize and share … your style. Your musical choices, videos and sets. Your digital photo journal. Your selected social feeds. Your virtual art gallery. Your Influences. Your likes. Your Loves. Your family, friends and neighbors …

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SOHO is a huge realistic virtual tower that allows neighbors to visit others’ virtual apartments and interact. Your virtual apartment and your content are digital assets that YOU OWN. Express yourself freely and socialize free from data mining, targeted marketing, or content censorship. SOHO empowers users to take ownership of their online social life.


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