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Social networks in the Stone Age: a 50,000-year-old social network discovered in Africa, Trending News


Ostrich eggshell beads have been used to create the world’s oldest social network, connecting cultures.

According to German researchers, the beads show a 50,000-year-old infrastructure that connects Stone Age peoples in South and East Africa.

Humans completely changed the shells to build the pearls, making it the oldest fully-made jewelry in the world.

Different prehistoric cultures made various types of pearls, allowing scholars to make connections between them.

Anthropologists have spent more than a decade compiling the world’s largest database of ostrich eggshell beads, which included 1,500 beads from the past 50,000 years and was discovered in 31 locations in South Africa. South and East.

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They found that people in both regions used almost similar pearls by comparing the diameter and shell thickness of the pearls.

The results show that the oldest social network discovered was a long-distance social network that connected people living about 1,900 kilometers from each other.

33,000 years ago, all signs of the network were gone, which was probably due to drastic climate change.

“Humans are social beings, but little is known about when, how and why distinct populations have linked in the past,” said lead author of the study Dr. Jennifer Miller.

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