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Qlan, a new social media app for gamers, was recently launched on the Google Play Store after completing 50,000 pre-registrations. This new networking app enables gamers, esports players and esports organizations to connect within the community and grow as a whole.

Social media apps are very popular among young people with apps like Instagram and Facebook topping the charts. The founders of Qlan applied the same concept to connecting the esports community and created this app.

Qlan is a unique place for everything related to esports and games. It has multiple features that allow players to create personalized profiles, share stats, and earn money in the process. The highlights are as follows:

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1. Create personalized profiles for solo, team and organization
2. Showcase your gaming skills by syncing game stats
3. Share gaming and esports content with an early monetization option
4. Promote esports tournaments, brands and IPs to targeted audiences
5. Access AI-enabled player matchmaking for verified connections

About the launch, Sagar Nair, Co-Founder and CEO of Qlan, said the following:

“It’s a surreal feeling to successfully launch Qlan. Gaming and esports are our passion and we understand the enormous potential of this segment. While in the existing social setup, gamers and esports ecosystem were unable to address various issues such as making the right connections, appropriately recognizing their talent in the game, a structured system allowing players and skilled people to showcase their skills, create and share content. in a single designated gaming platform. The idea is to unite existing fragmented communities and facilitate the exchange of value between them. These gaps in the existing social system prevented good talent from being exploited. And that’s what motivated the creation of Qlan, it will tackle
basic issues that the gaming ecosystem has been grappling with in the social space all this time.

Sagar Nair, Co-Founder and CEO of Qlan

Navin Talreja, co-founder and CBO added his valuable advice on this launch. His statement is as follows:

“We are eagerly awaiting the reaction of our first users to Qlan. After months of research and information gathering by performing various pro-to-type surveys and tests, we were able to understand the existing and unattended issues, and that motivated us to find the solution: QLAN. Qlan is built with a focused vision on uniting key industry stakeholders to create, find and exchange value to strengthen their own communities and businesses. We believe this would be a game changer for the industry. Whether you are looking to go pro, find your esports team, seek professional opportunities in the industry, in Qlan you have a trusted catalyst for anything you want to achieve in the gaming space and esports.

Navin Talreja, Co-founder and CBO by Qlan

The community has already shown interest in Qlan by pre-registering in large quantities. This app is only available on Google Play but iOS users can expect to get their hands on this app very soon.

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