Social media startup LinkedInclusion names Angela Harris CMO



LinkedInclusion, a social networking start-up that emerged this year to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in networking, has appointed Angela Harris as head of marketing.

In a LinkedIn post about the appointment, Harris said she was also a partner in the company’s capital. She will report to Founder and Managing Director Padraic McFreen and will lead communications and marketing strategy in her new role.

Harris will continue to run his own boutique, Kokopelli Marketing and Consulting. Previously, she was Vice President of Community Engagement Programs and Communications for the Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia.

“We are on a mission to professionally manage social change in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and well-being,” she wrote in the LinkedIn post.

“We will also be a leading platform for job searching, with a focus on people who have experienced exclusion and their allies. “

LinkedInclusion emerged this year as a competitor to LinkedIn, in response to allegations that LinkedIn censored black professionals. The platform has over 500 members, including from across the marcom industry.

LinkedInclusion aims to bring virtual events, training, tele-wellness and virtual storytelling to its platform, including seminars, roundtables, fireside discussions, lectures, tools, peer-to-peer training, service offers and educational resources.

Harris was one of the marketing and public relations professionals who recently said Campaign that some of his LinkedIn Diversity in Marketing posts were removed with little notice, awareness or explanation from the platform.

Based on screenshots obtained by US CampaignIt wasn’t until Harris publicly commented on her dissatisfaction with the platform and canceled her LinkedIn Premium membership that she was contacted by LinkedIn Help.

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