Social media startup CiSApp raised capital through equity crowdfunding to launch next-generation social network


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) Imagine an end-to-end, untracked, encrypted social media platform where you keep all your data and separate friends, family, public and business contacts with different profiles with just one connection blockchain. Imagine a world without calendar-based censorship, profit-driven privacy breaches, and the widespread use of fake identities (bots) to sell sex or cheat on social media users. Consider CiSApp, the world’s premier social networking platform. CiSApp is fast becoming India’s premier social network. CiSApp has successfully raised $ 174,000 (INR 1.3 Cr) from Seed Round Capital Inc, a Houston-based investment firm led by Brad Jenkins and Austin Hill; and Micro Ventures in Austin, Texas. Through its use of blockchain, CiSApp can guarantee genuine users rather than bots, duplicates or fake accounts. After Google Adwords, CiSApp is one of the most complex products developed on the flutter framework. CiSApp recognizes that content creators are the ones driving platform engagement, and it’s a platform meant to pay true content creators. “We have raised around $ 200,000 so far and plan to release our beta in a month. Once we reach Phase I of the release, we plan to raise up to $ 2 million over the next 12 months to continue developing CiSApp. Our goal is to simply create a platform for users, not their data, that will change the way we interact on the internet. Our goal is to reach over 1 million users by the second quarter of 2021 and will open the reward system in the platform once we reach this mark, ”said Bhargav Varma, co-founder by CiSApp. CiSApp’s business is fundamentally different from existing platforms. is remarkable in that it does not rely on advertising or the collection and sale of user data, as large companies do. CiSApp provides a platform to bridge the gap between businesses and developers. CiSApp: • Connect in Single App – People use different apps to connect with different audiences resulting in time consumption and less time to update each of them. But, CiSApp is a one-stop social app for all social media needs.

• No fraudulent profiles: to avoid bots and fake accounts, the CiSApp platform is being created with verification mechanisms for users.

• Content Monetization: Allows content creators to be paid directly for their work, avoiding middlemen and creating a steady stream of income for the same.

• Mode for Finding Work – A social account can be created just for career and business professionals to connect with your clientele or get work for a freelance writer.

• Rewards for content creators – Content creators receive rewards based on their impressions and engagement. CiSApp aims to empower small content creators to maximize their reach and make an impact.

• Cyberbullying and Trolling Prevention – Blockchain technology can prevent fake profiles and prevent bullying and trolling of creators, celebrities and socialites and therefore creates a safer environment.

• Private Chat: Allows users to send self-destructing messages, and these chats are private (limited to both parties involved) and can be scheduled to be deleted later. Users can unilaterally erase everything on their end, delete messages from the person they are chatting with, or delete all messages from the thread. CiSApp also intends to encrypt the communication. Content creators, influencers, early investors have access to CiSApp. Now, it’s time for all internet users to have access to CiSApp from November, allowing them to join in creating a technology for a better future, a next generation social media platform. Sign up for alpha access on our website! The CiSApp company website – Image 1: CiSApp interface Image 2: CiSApp PWR PWR interface

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