Social media sites launch features to encourage users to get boosters



acebook, Instagram and TikTok are launching new features to encourage people to get their coronavirus booster shots.

Starting Friday, users will be able to update their profile with frames or stickers to show that they have received their top-up or are aiming to do so when they become eligible.

This follows the fact that people could previously show that they had had their first and second jabs on certain websites and social media apps.

TikTok also hosted a ‘grab a jab’ event in London earlier this year.

I urge all who are eligible – don’t delay, get vaccinated or refuel today to protect yourself and your loved ones

More than 16 million booster shots have now been administered across the UK.

People aged 40 and over who received their second dose of vaccine at least six months ago are currently eligible for their booster.

A new campaign ad is also launched on Friday, which shows how Covid-19 can build up in confined spaces and how to prevent this from happening.

Vaccine Minister Maggie Throup said, “Getting your booster is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family this winter.

“It’s fantastic to see some of the biggest and well-known names further into the phenomenal rollout of the vaccine, allowing their users to proudly display that they’ve played their part in helping us build a wall of defense across the country. country.

“I urge all who are eligible – don’t delay, get vaccinated or have a complementary injection today to protect yourself and your loved ones.”


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