Social media platforms must crack down on scammers


Cybercriminals or crooks are the new threat to ordinary tech-savvy citizens.

they openly use our social media platforms to carry out their criminal attacks.

They promote the fraud of vulnerable citizens all over the world as a form of lifestyle choice.

Fraud, although difficult to detect and prosecute, accounts for a significant percentage of criminal activity around the world.

It starts with a phone call or text from a spurious or fictitious company or public body. replicate as if it were a legitimate source.

The uninitiated or vulnerable victim will click a link or be asked for specific details or bank account numbers or passwords and, before they know it, their bank accounts will be emptied.

These crooks use information that they have illegally obtained from their victims and will pass it on to other crooks within their network.

Some now present themselves as fraud consultants, but they promote criminal activity.

Spamming, which is well known, is where a fraudulent message is sent to trick people / victims into disclosing their financial information.

They uncover weaknesses in the IT systems of businesses and government agencies and sell these weaknesses to other fraudsters.

Unless and until we can hold social media platforms accountable for the failure to stop these scammers from selling their products online, this type of criminal activity will not stop.

Christy galligan

Letterkenny, County Donegal

Be careful – apostrophes can get you in legal trouble

A recent report on drug seizures reminds me of an American writer who told me that the police near him were very strict on drugs.

He said even an apostrophe was made for possession.

John williams

Clonmel, County Tipperary

Taliban talks with China could be Uyghur betrayal

The Taliban believe in a strict Islamic code of Sharia law. They made friends and met a Chinese delegation.

The Taliban are Sunni Muslims, just like the Uyghurs. Will the Taliban also be critical of China’s oppression of the Uyghurs or will they shut up like their Sunni brethren in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia?

Unfortunately, it seems that even faith is a commodity.

Eugene Tannam

Firhouse, Dublin 24

Deportation of Afghans in the past proves deplorable

Minister Minister for Law Reform, Youth Justice and Immigration, James Browne, acknowledged that “there is no question of returning anyone to Afghanistan given the current situation.”

Given how unstable and inevitable the “current situation” of the Taliban regaining control of Afghanistan is, isn’t it deplorable that the Irish state ever expelled someone in the first place?

Brian Éigeartaigh

Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Indigenous communities hardest hit by climate change

Recent striking examples, from the floods in Europe to the forest fires that swept across Europe, Canada and the United States, have shown that the international community has reached a crossroads.

Climate change seriously affects our human rights and our dignity and threatens to erase cultural and religious identity, collective memory, traditions and rituals.

As the coronavirus pandemic has shown, indigenous communities around the world have been disproportionately affected in terms of high death rates and loss of their sacred attachment to the land that inspires their strength, courage, happiness and spirituality.

The world must act now.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob


Fines for GAA fans on reserved bus lanes put the brakes on victory

It was great to see the proud County Offaly picking up silverware in Croke Park last Sunday.

After the game, there was a slow flow of single-lane traffic along Dublin’s South Docks as Offaly and Roscommon fans headed west to join the N4 / Galway road.

Traffic was minimal on the two bus lanes.

I saw two Offaly fans receive a summons for driving in a reserved bus lane at a Garda checkpoint in Merchant’s Quay.

I find this kind of ugly and mean font.

Gerry Kelly

Rathgar, Dublin


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