Social media apps that share the most data with third parties


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The specialized site URL Genius makes investigation in which analyzed different social networks know who is the one who shares the data of its users with more third-party platforms or requests from the developer himself.

What is URLGenius?

is the platform cloud-based application deep links designed for marketers, agencies or anyone who needs to build campaign links open apps.

deep links to applications such as Facebookinstagram, Youtubemessenger or e-commerce apps like amazon, walmart and applications in other fields.

How was the research conducted?

The study observed the links between more than 200 apps in 20 categories different types of programs, this in order to show an overview of consumer tracking of these applications in the current internet scenario.

In the category of “Social Networks” to analyse 10 applicationsbetween them YoutubeTIC Tac, Telegramwhatsapp and Snapchat. these apps on average 6 contacts: 60% to third-party networks, 40% to proprietary networks.

ICT Tac is the social network more third-party contacts are using for your data, with 13, to which you also need to add an internal domain from its developer. It puts you in front Telegram (9), Twitter (6) and Youtube (4) in this section.

On the other handthe applications that use the least third-party contacts are LinkedIn (2 main sources and 2 third-party sources), instagram (2 tiers and an internal domain), Facebook (a third), Snapchat (a third party) and messaging “applications” Messenger and WhatsAppboth with an internal domain.

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