Social media apps for kids: yes or no?


With everyone almost knee-deep in their gadget addiction during the pandemic, parents and experts are unsure whether to welcome the news of Instagram’s new version for kids under 13. Although this is a parent-controlled version, experts and parents are stepping in. the pros and cons.

What about connecting with like-minded kids around the world?

Entrepreneur and mother of two, Subha Shrinivasan thinks this could be a great idea. “Introducing an under 13 version with all the safety measures in place is a great idea if kids use it in a meaningful way. They can show their talent and attract an audience for themselves, and refine and grow with the response they receive. They can connect with children of similar interests and talents all over the world. They can even run their own reality TV show (IGTV). The benefits are many and it is definitely a fun way. For Gowthami Saraf, parent of a teenager and a pre-teen, this comes with its fair share of challenges. “With too much internet and social media, our kids can become digital zombies. The other aspect is that without the Internet, they will lose their learning, ”she said.

Too much gadget time may not be good

For parents like Mousumi Hari, a mother of two, supervising their activity becomes a problem. “Kids use social media apps with different IDs and monitoring their online activity can be a problem. Other than privacy, I wouldn’t want my kids to learn certain things at this age that they could access through such apps. While Meenakshi Singh, also a mother of two, agrees: “It is not a good idea to expose them so early when they are in the repair phase. Children are already very fond of gadgets, whether for study or for play, which leads to disconnection from physical activities and leads to poor health and growth.

Data Privacy and Security Concerns Data compromise is another big concern for parents. “My concern is dependency and also security. Personal data and geolocation of children should not be collected. Additionally, tantalizing techniques should not be used to keep kids hooked on their gadgets. Excessive filters to change their appearance could reduce their self-esteem and end up hating their true appearance, ”Gauthami points out.



With appropriate security, can be a platform for safe interaction

Avenue for children to express themselves

The inconvenients

Peer pressure

Internet harassment

Compromised private photos

A breeding ground for early encounters


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