Social media app trends according to Digitopia HK.


Much has already been said about how things have changed in industries and business sectors around the world. It’s a surreal sight to behold, watching how people have embraced the rise of technology with open arms, especially the world of social media, which has immersed almost everyone in it.

Today, people cannot think of doing without it, not only for personal but also professional reasons. Social media has evolved over the years and has not only remained a social platform for people to meet virtually, but has also grown as a marketing platform, giving people and businesses the opportunity to reach the world and taste their definition of success. The team at Digitopia, a growing marketing agency, shares some social media trends that can rock 2022 and beyond.

  • Ads on smaller apps: To better reach people where they spend their time, small app ads will soon become a thing. Today, more than TikTok and Facebook, other booming apps like Snapchat have proven to be a bigger advertising platform to reach more untapped markets around the world.
  • Personalization: Many emerging apps are already paying more attention to the concept of personalization and taking a high-end approach to better serve their users. This concept of personalization in apps can be a game changer for many apps and improve user experience in the years to come.
  • Inclusivity: All of these apps and brands that have shown their commitment to inclusivity have touched people differently. Therefore, more and more brands are coming forward to emphasize the same to meet consumers’ expectations of them for social responsibility.

DigitopiaThe team mentions that apart from that, the continued integration of augmented reality and virtual reality, local targeting and more video content are also some trends to watch in 2022.

Posted on January 21, 2022


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