Snapchat is in bad shape for social media apps


UPDATE: Snapchat has fixed the issue after the social media app was down for two hours.

Snapchat appears to have resolved the issue on its social media and is back up and running, with the company taking to Twitter to report the fix.

The company wrote: “The problem has been solved! If you still have problems, please let us know. Happy snapping!”

The cause of this issue is still unclear, and if it becomes an ongoing issue, we’ll be sure to update this article if Snapchat comments on the outage.

Original report below…

After recovering from the complete blackout on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, it looks like Snapchat is next to go down.

Have you tried to send a Snap in the last hour or two and are you getting more and more confused as to why it refused to work?

If so, you’re currently in the same boat as thousands of other users, as more and more people are reporting that they can’t send or receive Snaps, and can’t add any media. to their stories.

Snapchat took note of the issue, however, posting on the official site Support SnapchatTwitter account of how the matter is examined.

The tweet went live just before 1 p.m., and there has since been no update on the situation or when it will be resolved.

It’s unclear what the problem is, but the app doesn’t suffer the way Facebook did when the site suffered a total outage last week that lasted about seven hours.

Unlike the Facebook outage, Snapchat is still marginally functional for some users, and if you weren’t sending Snaps or posting to your Story, you might not even notice anything was wrong. .

Many users can still see other people’s stories and can interact with the Discover page where the videos are posted.

We’ll be sure to update this page when Snapchat is up and running and when we find out what caused the outage. Snapchat was asked to comment on the current issue but did not respond.


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