Skynet Labs Unveils New Platform for Developing Decentralized Social Media Applications


Skynet Labs, the blockchain company that builds the Sia decentralized cloud storage platform, has launched SkyDB, a platform for developers who want to build decentralized social media platforms.

SkyDB will allow users to create decentralized accounts and store data in those accounts, which will be accessible from anywhere, according to an announcement from the company. Users will not need to run any special software and will be able to access data on a normal web browser.

Skynet Labs CEO and lead developer David Vorick said it took the team almost two years to develop the product. SkyDB is much easier to use than the Sia network, he said, adding that developers won’t need to run a node and can simply build the application in Javascript or upload a file, which should make the building process faster and easier.

Vorick said Skynet’s more accessible user experience has made “a whole world of difference” for developers. “The number of projects we were receiving went from one to two a month to one to two a day almost overnight.”

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