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Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Russian government has made it harder for the Russian people to watch or listen to any kind of news from the outside world by banning social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. The country has also banned many news channels from broadcasting to locals. In order to stay in the know and get all the information from the outside world, residents have turned to VPN for help.

VPN or virtual private network is a connection established directly from a device to a network so that data can be transferred without any danger of external eavesdropping by hackers. The main purpose of VPN is to hide a person’s online activity from any external link. It also prevents a person’s IP address from being revealed to websites they visit. A user can also change regions using a VPN to access items on the server or from that region. So the Russians are using the latest tactic to keep up to date.

The reason one of the most popular social media apps was banned in Russia is that when the invasion started, demand for Facebook increased, and according to a graph by AppFigures, it was clear that downloads of Facebook had doubled in the first week of the invasion. . Overall downloads jumped from 12,000 per day to 22,000 in less than 5 days to Friday. As a result, and to censor the awareness of their residents, the Russian government banned Facebook.

According to Appfigures estimates, VPN downloads in Russia have increased from just under 16,000 per day to 700,000 recently. On the Play Store and App Store apps in the Russia region, the top 10 rankings were dominated by VPN apps. Of the combined total of the two apps, the top 3 rankings were taken by Secure VPN, VPN proxy master, and VPN-fast, private, and secure.

Almost all of the VPN apps in the table are pretty much the same, and none of them are marked. This means that residents of Russia only want to be able to browse the internet and don’t care what VPN they use. When searching, the top 3 overall apps came due to the optimization offered by the app store and less optimized apps like Nord VPN or Turbo VPN came very late in the list.

As good as people have found a way to bypass their country’s censorship, it might not last long as the government has ways to stop the VPN from working in their country.

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