REVEALED: Spain’s most used social media apps and why to pay attention to TikTok


Social media is a constant distraction: a buzz in our pocket, a welcome tool for procrastination, and a dangerous weapon for stalking ex-boyfriends.

During the lockdown, we thanked social media for keeping us in touch with our friends and family. But which platforms do we use the most in Spain?

Spain has more than 25 million social media users, more than 85.5% of the population, according to IAB data.

The WhatsApp messaging app has remained at the top of the charts for several years.

Voice Notes is used with abandon in Spain and as such the app scores 1 hour and 47 minutes of screen time by Spanish users every day on average.

If we look at 16-65 year olds, Facebook was then the most used platform with 87% of people studied on the site.

Social media baby Tik Tok, which launched in 2016, has taken the country — and indeed the world — by storm.

With an impressive 500 million active users on the platform globally, La Liga has now jumped on the music video app to gain a wider audience.

LaLiga Chief Digital Strategy Officer Alfredo Bermejo says the exciting part of the new @laliga TikTok profile is the ability to connect with a younger generation of fans around the world.

If something brings the Spaniards to the TikTok app, La Liga will be the ones to do it.

Because, the most followed person on Instagram in Spain is currently La Liga star and Barcelona captain Messi.


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