REV launches as a balanced alternative to social media platforms


The rising platform aims to redefine social media through the free exchange of ideas and expression.

Press release

March 7, 2022 9:00 a.m. CST

DALLAS, March 7, 2022 ( –
REV, a social media platform working to promote balance and restore the freedom to exchange ideas and expression, has officially launched and is now live. Over the past four years, the REV team has been dedicated solely to building a social media platform that seeks to address the imbalanced issues prevalent among the industry’s leading platforms. REV is the alternative that respects all opinions, favored or disadvantaged on either side of the spectrum, to encourage a constructive line of communication.

On REV, members can feel free to decide how to present themselves without unjustified and unconstitutional restrictions that users are generally subject to on other social media platforms. REV seeks to provide an experience that includes all the features that users love and expect, without the invasive and excessive policies that actively suppress the exchange of individual beliefs and opinions.

REV is built by those who believe in protecting free speech and that the right to speak your mind goes beyond content unless that content is a potential cause of harm. REV believes in individual freedom and that the public can seek out what they want to hear or believe. With such a politically divided world and social media platforms seeming to cater to “the left” or “the right”, REV decided to be part of the solution and create an alternative platform respectful of all. opinions, regardless of an individual’s personal beliefs.

The REV team is incredibly proud to offer a more personalized platform experience without the all-too-common restrictions of social media. In other words, “we keep our politics to ourselves and respect the rights of others because we expect the same,” said REV Founder and CEO Shastina Sandman.

“We sought to redefine social media and present what it was meant to be. A place where people feel comfortable discussing, debating and freely exchanging their views on any subject, whether that their words do not encourage, promote or cause crime or harmful and illegal acts.”

REV encourages users to break free from Big Tech industry restrictions and enjoy social media as it should. Anyone can join REV today by visiting

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