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At this point, just about everyone in the world is aware that social media apps tend to follow you. One of the reasons they might look into such questions would be to optimize their services for anyone who might want to end up using them. That being said and now discarded, it’s important to note that the most relevant reason would be that the ad could be much more specific, thereby increasing the profit margins of social media companies that participate in these kinds of things.

As it turns out, Facebook is the worst offender in this regard, followed closely by its subsidiary Instagram, making these two apps that tend to invade your privacy as much as they legally can. This was revealed in research conducted by cybersecurity firm Clairo, and it showed that Tinder is also a pretty serious offender, which would be rather bad news for people who might have been looking for love through this platform. in line.

While Facebook collects just under 80% of the data it is allowed to collect by the government, Tinder follows closely with 61.54%. If you compare that to TikTok, the app actually only collects around 45% of user data, but while it’s not as much as its competition, it’s still a lot due to the fact that it’s is the sort of thing that could potentially end up compromising users’ security and privacy quite significantly if we aren’t careful to keep it from really getting out of hand.

What is of particular concern here is how the dating apps work. Both Grindr and Tinder collect around 60% of the data for which they are allowed, which means that you need to be very careful about the things you share on these platforms as they could be used to track you for the purpose of offering you types of ads. quite specific.

It should be noted that not all businesses are this data hungry. For example, Amazon 23% of the data its users can provide, which makes this company surprisingly ethical from a data privacy perspective, although some people may have a lot to say about the organization from a data privacy perspective. workers’ rights.

Twitter tends to collect a relatively small amount of inbound data at just over 33%, which might be more than what some people are comfortable with, but it’s significantly lower than what Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok tend to pick you up. This confirms the idea that some people think Twitter is a much safer social media platform than its various competitors.

This could well be something the company would like to double as it has the potential to be what sets it apart from the rest and allows it to stay competitive in a social media landscape that has been more or less dominated by Facebook over the past decade. in recent years.

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