Report: TikTok Tracks User Data the Most Among Social Media Apps


NEW YORK—As consumers grow increasingly concerned about privacy on social media, a new report from Atlas VPN documents the extent of tracking across various social media, news, music and sports apps.

He found that among social media apps, TikTok and YouTube have the most trackers. Trackers allow ad services to track users across the web to learn about their browsing habits.

The Atlas VPN research also revealed that apps in the magazines, news, and sports categories tend to have even more first-party and third-party trackers.

The search revealed that the TikTok app had 14 trackers, 13 of which were third-party contacts that Atlas VPN says are of greatest privacy concern.

The researchers noted that “Third-party trackers are placed by a website you haven’t even visited. These third-parties can embed trackers on websites all over the internet, allowing them to collect huge amounts of data about you. and share them with whoever they want.

The YouTube app has 14 trackers in total, 10 first-party contacts and 4 third-party contacts.

Twitter and Telegram each have 9 trackers in their iOS apps. However, Telegram’s 9 contacts lead to third-party domains, while the Twitter app tracks users with 6 third-party contacts and 3 proprietary contacts.

On average, social media apps have 6 trackers, of which 4 are third-party contacts and 2 are first-party contacts.

“Internet users are starting to care more and more about their privacy, challenging app developers to engage customers using proprietary data strategies and tools,” the editor said. in cybersecurity from Atlas VPN. “Currently, customers cannot see what data is shared with third-party trackers or how their data will be used, creating a lack of transparency between brand and consumer.”

The report also found that magazine and news apps filled with trackers

Magazine apps have an average of 28 trackers, 26 of which belong to third-party network contacts. The Wall Street Journal app, for example, made 48 total trackers, the most of any magazine app.

News apps averaged 23 trackers, 21 of which lead to third-party network connections. The CNN app tracks their readers with 34 total trackers. The Washington Post and NBC News apps are not far behind, with 31 and 26 contacts each.

Sports apps follow next as they have an average of 22 trackers, 18 of which collect information for third-party contacts. The ESPN app has 35 third-party trackers and 42 in total.

Music apps had an average of 21 trackers, 17 of which belong to third-party network connections. iHeart: The radio app made 56 contacts, 51 of which were with third-party networks, which is the most among all the apps analyzed in the research.

To learn more about the report, including a detailed breakdown of social media and news apps, visit here.


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