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Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools will host social networking and online safety expert Paul Davis in Red Deer on Monday, September 12 to speak with parents and middle school students. The presentation takes place from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at St. Joseph High School and is free. Attendees are encouraged to register on Eventbrite.

Mr. Davis brings over 30 years of computer science knowledge and expertise to his presentations. He presented to over 640,000 students in grades 4-12 across North America, focusing on social media, sexting/child pornography, digital leads, smart phones, online safety line and more. He will cover current topics, technologies and trends in his presentations to students and parents, with cyberbullying being linked throughout the presentation.

“Through my experience as a principal working with young adults, I see the importance of empowering students and parents when it comes to social media, helping them learn to be safe and set limits to their use. The risks associated with smartphones, technology and social media continue to increase and in the school setting we see this every day. I am delighted to hear Paul’s message so that we can continue to learn and grow together as a community, making sure our students are safe and that we as a community know how to protect them,” said St. Francis of Assisi Middle School Principal Gary Gylander.

Rick and Cindy More of the Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation know all too well the importance of keeping young people safe online.

“On September 20, 2015, our daughter Lindsey lost her battle with depression. A disease she hid from us during high school. When we searched for answers, one of our findings attributed social media as contributors to her depression. As parents, it is imperative that we understand the dangers surrounding our children around social media and the importance of our involvement. Paul Davis will open your eyes to a world of technology that is not fully understood. We pray that no relative suffers the loss we suffer. Thank you to everyone who attends this presentation”, say the Mores.

Mr. Davis’ presentations are targeted so that the audience walks away with a wealth of knowledge and empowerment for their respective age. It will reach approximately 2,700 students in grades 6-9 in two daytime sessions on September 12.

For more information about Mr. Davis, visit https://socialnetworkingsafety.net/.


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