Piano Acquires SocialFlow to Build Social Media Optimization Service for Publishers – AdExchanger


Piano is developing his plan to become a bigger player in the social media arena.

On Thursday, Piano, which provides analytics and subscription services to publishers, announced its acquisition of social media revenue optimization platform SocialFlow.

Piano declined to share what he paid, but the deal was a cash purchase, with funding coming from Updata Partners, Rittenhouse Ventures and Sixth Street Partners.

The plan is to use SocialFlow’s expertise in revenue optimization for social platforms to bolster Piano’s existing service offerings for publishers, Piano CEO Trevor Kaufman said.

“Not only does SocialFlow give us another way to serve publishers, but it’s also a very rich source of data that gives them more insight into audience behavior and preferences, which is exactly what they need. “, Kaufman said.

SocialFlow’s retention-focused offering, for example, will allow Piano to provide publishers with more detailed data on the performance of their subscription business, which should help them further increase their subscription revenue.

“As a piano publisher, you will be able to learn, in particular, what social behaviors lead to higher levels of engagement, what types of content people were interacting with before they eventually got used to the website and what kind of topics in social media lead to subscription conversions or newsletter signups,” Kaufman said.

Piano was also sold on the strength of SocialFlow’s paid media business and how it could be used to target lapsed subscribers and reduce churn, as well as attract new subscribers.

“We have the ability to underwrite a propensity score on each visitor, which we can map to lookalike audiences on Facebook,” Kaufman said. “Piano has always acted solely in the owned and operated space of publishers. Now we can help publishers get new customers and we can help them retain their followers by activating those users on social media.”

Second, being part of Piano will help SocialFlow expand its product offering to a more global user base.

“The vast majority of SocialFlow’s revenue is in North America, and we saw an opportunity to take their product to a larger stage,” Kaufman said.

Piano currently has approximately 650 employees worldwide and plans to retain the majority of SocialFlow’s 20-person team. SocialFlow management will take on consulting roles at Piano.

SocialFlow will continue to operate as an independent brand for the short term. Piano set a deadline of around six months to integrate their respective toolsets into a single user interface.

Piano also intends to use SocialFlow as a base to grow its social media business through other acquisitions that are currently underway, as well as continue to invest in SocialFlow’s platform.


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