Physician-only social media platforms will combat Covid-19 misinformation



The Vital Need for Peer-to-Peer Platforms for Physicians in the Age of Corona to Combat Misinformation

LONDON, UK, October 24, 2022 / — With emerging Covid variants and waning immunity likely to drive up infection rates upperdoctors search for the best course of action as patients have grown weary of social distancing and vaccine requirements.

Moreover, doctors believe that this disease has not stopped evolving because new strains are even more likely to return and set us back once again.

“The virus is becoming more contagious but less dangerous for the majority of people,” says Bill Powderly, co-director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. “But we have no guarantee that the virus would not develop additional mutations that would eventually make it more virulent in the coming“.

So where do doctors get reliable information on the latest treatment options, vaccine regulations and vital information needed around Covid-19?

In normal times, these are the local and international health organizations that doctors have relied on for pandemics of the past.

Unfortunately, however, these organizations have become beholden and chained to the ever-powerful political, governmental and financial lobby and special interests.

With this resource unavailable, doctors are increasingly turning to online platforms to connect with other doctors they trust. With so much “noise” in typical social media platforms, doctors are increasingly turning to closed physician-only platforms such as G-Med for the latest information on Covid-19.

G-Med, the online physician-only network of 1.5 million, spanning over 160 countries, operates a massive COVID-19 physician hub on our platform, with over 100,000 physician-initiated posts since January 2020.

Says Dr. Omar Ibrik, a Spanish nephrologist; “COVID-19 is global and global knowledge sharing is needed more than ever. G-Med, the only and truly global community for physicians, provides a platform to share information and ask questions to colleagues.” We are currently living on the front lines of the largest and most devastating pandemic we have ever known and experienced. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is the best way to face this fierce enemy. G-Med is one of the best platforms for this – and one of the most comprehensive for doctors around the world.”

Daily discussions on the G-Med Covid-19 hub range from the effectiveness of drugs and treatments, the evolution of cases, epidemiological and statistical data to hospital practices and government decisions in the fight against the disease. new virus. More than ever, G-Med’s continued efforts to improve clinical decision-making using physicians’ real-world insights are proving critical to containing the coronavirus crisis.

G-Med actually received so much COVID-19 data on our physician-only COVID hub, that we analyzed it using machine learning and AI, that you can read all about it at here

Contact G-Med below to tap directly into the pulse of physicians on our Covid-19 hub with peer-to-peer unstructured physician data, direct-to-physician educational content, as well as brand exposure on our Covid-19 hub.

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