People are spending significantly less time on social media apps, according to the report.


People are spending less time on social media apps, in some cases significantly less, according to new research from marketing intelligence firm SimilarWeb.

The company compared Android users’ daily time spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat from January to March 2016 with the same period in 2015. The company looked at data from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia, India and South Africa. , Brazil and Spain.

Facebook‘s Instagram has seen the largest year-over-year decline – usage is down 23.7% this year, followed closely by Twitter (down 23.4%), Snapchat (down down 15.7%) and Facebook (down 8%), according to the study.

Shares of Twitter are trading down around 34% and those of Facebook are up nearly 14% so far this year.

In the United States – usually the most lucrative social media market – Instagram usage fell by 36.2%, Twitter by 27.9%, Snapchat by 19.2% and Facebook by 6.7%. Despite this decline, Facebook users in the United States continued to spend the most time using the app: 45 minutes and 29 seconds per day on average. Facebook users in India used the app the least, spending an average of 22 minutes and 59 seconds per day.

Americans are also the biggest Snapchatters, spending 18 minutes and 43 seconds using the app daily, followed by the French (16 minutes and 7 seconds), then the British (15 minutes and 27 seconds).

In all four apps, users spent the least amount of time using Twitter. Spanish users spent the most time using the app (13 minutes and 31 seconds per day), followed closely by Americans (13 minutes and 30 seconds) and French (13 minutes and 7 seconds). This is despite the overall decline in usage in these geographies.

Current installs – the number of apps installed on devices – for the big four social media apps among Android users in the countries surveyed were down 9% year-on-year. Meanwhile, Facebook’s messaging apps – WhatsApp and Messenger – increased installs, up 15% and 2% respectively. Both Snapchat and Instagram saw an increase in installs in some countries. Snapchat installs grew in Germany, Spain, India and Brazil, where the increase was most pronounced at 22% year-over-year. Instagram installs increased in France, Germany and the United States


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