Newborn Town Unveils World’s First Video Social Media Digital Collectibles at Social3.0 Metaverse Ecology Conference


This event marks Newborn Town’s next step into the metaverse. The company has continually generated new ways to explore the metaverse and expand the imaginative space for creating social networking content. Newborn Town tested Meta-City on Yumy, one of its social video products, and co-founded the Social Metaverse AI Strategic Alliance with a subsidiary of Digital Domain and Phenom Films.

Create a high-value social media ecosystem with users

YUMY QUEEN 2021 NFTs, a collection of digital social media collectibles derived from Badges of Honor corresponding to the Top 100 Female Influencers on Yumy in 2021, are available to billions of users worldwide.

Each piece of YUMY QUEEN 2021 NFT is a one-of-a-kind, tamper-proof, limited digital collectible. Collectibles, based on influencer images and information such as name, user ID, country of origin and horoscope, will be served on a decentralized blockchain.

It should be noted that the ownership and value of digital collectibles rests entirely with the users of the platform. At the same time, followers of influencers who own YUMY QUEEN 2021 NFTs will also benefit from priorities in social interactions corresponding to influencers, such as priority video calls, exclusive personalized gifts, access to exclusive content, online alerts, etc.

During the event, influencers from Germany, Spain, Morocco and many other places around the world, who created content on Yumy, also extended their congratulations on the launch of digital collectibles via videos. As they mentioned, releasing digital collectibles made them feel like they were creating values, which encourages them to keep creating, and they also expect to see more meaningful renovations from Yumy.

Newborn Town motivates content creators and users to produce more interesting, unique and valuable content to usher in a friendly and sustainable content ecosystem.

Unfold Newborn Town metaverse layout panorama

CEO LI Ping explained the essence of social media and the original intention of Newborn Town’s efforts in social media and the metaverse.

LI Ping believes that social networks, in essence, can be divided into “affection social networks” and “value social networks”. Since 2014, Newborn Town has focused on “connecting” and “creating” in the field of social networks, and upgrading their achievement amidst technological advancements, to meet the needs of affection and value. users during social interactions. Features of the metaverse, including hyper-immersion, coexistence of virtuality and reality, decentralization, and privacy protection, will result in more efficient and vivid connections, more means of expression, a more active ecology and a stronger driving force for value creation.

Since exploring the metaverse in 2020, Newborn Town has actively researched related technologies and applications and built a panoramic layout around core elements such as virtual avatars, digital assets, and hardware devices:

First, in Meta Town, which is in alpha testing, users can upload their own photos to generate dynamic 3D virtual avatars backed by AI algorithms. They can also modify and customize the avatars as they wish. Additionally, avatars sync with users’ facial expressions in real time and can be used to match and interact with other users during video calls.

At the next step, Meta-City will add virtual social scenes such as cafes, cinemas, bars and beaches. The exploration of metaverse scenes will fully consider the different cultures and geographical characteristics of global users, to provide a more diverse experience.

Newborn Town has partnered successively with Digital Dream Vally, a subsidiary of Digital Domain Group, and Phenom Films, a company specializing in visual effects solution, virtual filming and AI engine, to accelerate the development of virtual avatars 3D and social scenes.

In addition to this, Newborn Town has also advanced its cooperation with a Chinese motion-sensing device company to expect a breakthrough in hardware and accelerate the connection between virtuality and reality.

Explore decentralization and actively embrace the Web3.0 era

The release of YUMY QUEEN 2021 NFTs, with encrypted digital collectibles as the entry point and decentralization as the core, is another step for Newborn Town to accelerate its exploration of the metaverse, following elements of identity, social relationships and virtual technology. “In our process of meeting the needs for ‘affection’ and ‘value’, digital collectibles are not only an important step from the past, but also a new starting point for the future,” LI said. Ping during the event.

Leveraging the transparency and tamper-proof characteristics of blockchain and combined with smart contracts, it is easy to identify the creators and holders of digital collectibles and ensure that only the holders have the right to operate on the asset, thus transforming the flow of information in the digital world into a flow of value.

Data, which is the Internet’s most essential production factor, plays a vital role in the decentralization of the Web3.0 era. Data should be used with consideration not only of protecting the rights and interests of data owners, but also of how data assets can flow more flexibly and freely. Meanwhile, as a novelty, encrypted digital collectibles determine ownership in the digital world based on their own characteristics, and are also essential, as the public sees them as the infrastructure of the metaverse to come.

“The era of Web3.0 is approaching. Our company will attempt to build a decentralized underlying network and develop more pure metaverse applications, to allow users to fully or largely control their own data and content, and to make the more sustainable value they create through encrypted digital products.Thus, we aim to create a transparent and thriving social metaverse ecology with users,” LI Ping said at the conference.

With more than a decade of experience in the global market, Newborn Town is committed to meeting the social needs of global users through the innovation of technology and product models. In the future, the company will firmly continue to focus on global social networking business, increase the prospective exploration of new technologies and new fields, and integrate more imaginative innovations such as Web3.0, NFT, SocialFi, DAO , in order to meet the social upgrade needs of global users and bring a more real-time, efficient, immersive and valuable next-generation social experience.

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