Newborn Town Social Networking Apps Bring New Opportunities to Women Around the World


HONG KONG, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mobile apps company Newborn Town (9911.HK) continues to deliver new social experiences to mobile users with its MICO and YoHo social media platforms, particularly in the Middle East.

MICO, a social entertainment platform with a host of other social features like party rooms and communities, has been downloaded 100 million times, making it the # 1 selling app on Google Play in 12 countries / regions, and one of the top 10. top-selling social apps in 90 countries / regions.

YoHo, the second most popular audio social networking app in the Middle East, connects millions of users through its voice chat rooms.

With a disproportionate impact on the region, the company measures its success not only by followers, but by positive impact.

Influencers in unlikely places

Sari, a single mother in Jakarta, describes how she came to be successful as a MICO anchor.

A single mother living in Jakarta, Sari takes care of her son, who goes to primary school, on her own. Six months after her husband’s death, she discovered MICO on Facebook. She joined together to make new friends and overcome her grief.

At the time, she earned a meager salary working in an optical store. She decided to start broadcasting live on MICO. With a talent for the camera and a friendly personality, Sari started receiving regular gifts from fans within six months and caught the attention of the platform, which invited her to become an official influencer.

In 2018, Sari was able to earn more than $ 4000 per month, which allows her to offer a better life for her son and even to renovate his house.

Teaming up with two other MICO influencers, the three now work together as a sort of cooperative, helping each other thrive as entertainment workers.

Another story comes from Rama, who fled Syria with her husband and children, and they became refugees Egypt.

Hailing from a wealthy family, the war forced her to give up her life and start over in a new, completely unknown place. Their status and inability to speak English made them unable to find employment.

After contacting YoHo, a voice-based social networking app, Rama became an Anchor Union agent and earns around $ 1,500 per month.

Encourage a female workforce in the Middle East

Currently there are 12 women employed in MICOs Egypt Office. Among them, Rania joined in early 2018, one of the first employees. She is responsible for planning and organizing online and offline events.

She says her friends and family often ask her about her long hours away from home. As an event manager and organizer, she frequently finds herself leaving home early and returning late.

Of course I ran into a lot of doubts, “she said,” as if it wasn’t public morality when a girl in her twenties doesn’t have a boyfriend, goes out early and come home late all day. “

According to another MICO employee, Alaa, in Egypt, only around 35% of women have their own jobs, and very few are willing to work the same hours as men.

But it’s different in MICO. Rania mentioned that the MICO team respects and values ​​every employee equally, including women. The leader and the team are always attentive to his opinions and believe in his ability to manage everything well. This makes her feel confident and needed, so she is ready to devote herself to work.

On the other hand, unlike some platforms of the Middle East who only cares about the talent and looks of the anchors, MICO really helps some girls who need help. This is what touched Rania.

For example, there was a presenter who suffered from cancer, but all the companies rejected her candidacy. In the end, MICO hired her so that she had the option of paying for the medical bills.

“How our apps have become instrumental in creating positive social impact defines the meaning of what we do,” said Li ping co-founder and CEO of Newborn Town. These stories are transformational, compassionate, and authentic. And a lot of these stories are from women. “

“As a global social networking company, we believe that social networking applications have the potential to truly help people, providing company and meaningful connections while bringing people together,” he said. added. By the companyThrough his large user base and enhanced engagement, he continues to foster a community that values ​​creators who build authentic relationships with their fans and continue to inspire people to do the same.

About Newborn Town Inc. (9911.HK)

Newborn Town Inc. is China’s first social media company focused exclusively on the global market. Founded in 2009, we have been marketing our products overseas since 2013. In 2019, we launched our IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under stock code 09911.HK. We’ve created dozens of highly successful apps across social media, gaming, and utility categories, serving over 1.3 billion global users in over 200 countries and regions.

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