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Social media platforms have become an important part of our lives and if we are talking about American citizens they have the highest rates of social media use, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people have been forced to stay at home. During the pandemic, an estimated 246 million U.S. citizens were using different social media platforms for entertainment and to connect with friends and family. There is no doubt that social media platforms entertain us and help us connect with many people and friends, but they also have many downsides just like many people post fake news and some people try to bully , trolling and harassing others which can become a source of depression for many people.

Many citizens of the United States have security concerns when using Facebook, but this app still achieved the top spot in the region’s most used app in the year 2021. Not only Facebook , but his Instagram social media app has grown in popularity. among Americans because of its Reels content and many other features. Instagram has become the second most used social media application in the United States. The SatelliteInternet survey reveals that nearly 86% of US citizens use Facebook, which is almost double the percentage compared to TikTok, Whatsapp and Pinterest.

About 72% of Americans enjoy using Instagram, especially during their 40s; people like to share stories, reels and pictures with their friends. YouTube has a 66% adoption rate where many people have started streaming on this platform. Twitter is one of the largest microblogging platforms with over 350 million monthly active users; however, the percentage of its use in the United States is 58%. Snapchat is very popular among young people and its usage is around 46%. WhatsApp has 45%, while LinkedIn and Pinterest have 41% of use, TikTok is also the most platform in the world but it has not become very popular in the United States due to privacy concerns, for example Therefore, its usage percentage is 40%, while Reddit and Clubhouse have the percentage of 31% and 13%.

Facebook also ranked # 1 on the list for positively impacting the mental health of Americans and many people are learning different types of things on this platform as well. The report also showed some interesting facts that Facebook also has the highest percentage of negative impact on the mood of US citizens due to fake news, privacy concerns and trolling stuff. Many people also think that they are wasting their time using this platform. Many people also have negative feelings when using the Facebook owned Instagram app. However, YouTube delivered the highest positivity rate among locals in the United States due to the reasons why many people started their careers on this platform and learned a lot of different things like vlogging, cooking. , training, etc.

Many people also believe that TikTok has a negative effect on their physical and mental health and 43% of citizens want to remove this app permanently. Twitter also increases the amount of apprehension and discouragement among people. About 65% of Facebook users in the US think Facebook is a time-wasting app and hence they want to remove this app as well. Instagram is the second fastest-taking app according to 43% of users.


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