New Lyfe social networking app connects users to the party


We have all been there. It’s the end of the night and your crew wants to go home but you want to stay out longer. You send an exploratory text to the group chat, but no one responds. You check Instagram but none of your friends have shared their whereabouts. At this point you would normally give up and quit, but there is one more thing to do in your quest to keep the night going.

Enter Lyfe. The new social media network, which just launched exclusively in Miami, helps you find your next destination by connecting you with people nearby. The app gives users the ability to plan their night out based on what’s hot in their area while allowing for spontaneous plans in your neighborhood.

“Lyfe provides users with a personalized game plan for their day or night, based on your interests, the location of your closest friends, and what’s going on in your area,” says Lyfe founder Jeff Yanes, who intends to put the social back in place. social media. Rather than keeping interactions online, Yanes sees Lyfe as a starting point for real connections.

The app uses a proprietary algorithm and user recordings to create a heatmap, letting others know which sites are busiest at any given time. Users can stay in “ghost mode” or offer their locations and post photos to their feed for their friends to see. You are automatically checked when you leave the site so that all information is updated in real time. Businesses can also create accounts on Lyfe and benefit from instant data, from engaging with users to promoting promotions to strategizing for traffic lulls.

Lyfe is now available for iOS via the Apple App Store with plans for an Android version to come. Like most social media apps, registration is free.


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