New-age social media apps are disrupting the traditional ecosystem


In India, video content streaming has seen a huge increase over the past couple of years

Internet users are turning to applications that are resolutely mobile-first

Smartphone users spend 4x of their time on online activities compared to offline activities

With new-era social media apps cementing their position among the top five most downloaded apps in the world, a remarkable behavioral shift can be seen in how millennials spend their time online. Although it is too early to tell whether such apps will be able to become a serious competitor to the traditional social media giants, the additional engagement modules offered by these apps will give some boost to their long-awaited success.

Rise in video consumption

In India, streaming of video content has seen a tremendous increase over the past couple of years due to the advent of affordable internet bundles and the penetration of low-cost smartphones. Today, an average Internet user consumes around 1 GB of data per day via a smartphone, compared to around 4 GB per month in the past.

Smartphone users can further be seen consuming video content at their convenience. This has led to the emergence of easy-to-use social media apps among the most downloaded apps on popular mobile platforms.

New-era social media apps play an important role in shaping the ecosystem for creating and delivering videos on mobile devices. Moreover, they are also redefining the way people consume content on social media platforms.

Social engagement like never before

While the majority of content is consumed via mobile devices, internet users are turning to applications that are resolutely mobile-first. Although traditional social media entities enabled people to be socially active on the internet, they lacked the desired personal vision.

To fill this gap, new-age internet businesses have evolved to leverage the power of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning capabilities, creating a high-impact, real-time social media experience. . AI, AR and ML are further considered as the building blocks of these platforms facilitating the distribution of personalized content for each user.

Algorithms quickly acquire behavior patterns based on individual preferences on social platforms. As a result, users enjoy highly personalized streaming of content that is not only interesting but also engaging.

On-the-go content creation

Moreover, these new-age apps offer a bunch of many advanced features allowing users to create engaging high-impact videos with built-in special effects like lip-sync, AR filters, games, music integration and more. Such integrations give creators an exciting opportunity to generate engaging content including video editing, suggesting trending hashtags, popular filters and even recommending background music which can help them produce viral videos to attract the right audience. and grow their audience.

Therefore, these new-age social media platforms will become an obvious way to connect like-minded people, where they can share dynamic content and participate in meaningful conversations in real time.

Plethora of engagement options

According to a recent Nielsen report, smartphone users spend 4x of their time on online activities compared to offline activities and 50% of the total time is spent chatting, video streaming, social media and apps. picture. New-era social media apps are imbibing various native mobile social activity tools that allow internet users to engage in online networking activities never seen before.

Additionally, these platforms allow people to earn money by exclusively showcasing their talent without any specific knowledge of technical inclusions, which no traditional social media platform has been able to offer to date. . The beauty of these new-age platforms is not just limited to the entertainment realm but is also being leveraged in the education sector.

#In-app challenges and brand associations

Along with building their content base, trending hashtags and popular filters, users of new age social media apps are enthusiastically participating in virtual events, especially in #challenges. Innovative to fun #challenges organized by various new-age social media platforms allow users to become part of the greater community. The viral effect of these #challenges has the power to rack up millions of views overnight.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, many companies and even movie production houses have started partnering with prominent apps to popularize their campaigns and gain traction for their promotional purposes.

The rise of new internet users as well as the changing content consumption patterns of existing users will pave the way for new social media platforms to build their authority in the respective field. Such applications will further strengthen a revolution founding a win-win podium for users, influencers and brands. The flexible nature of new age apps will continue to help them penetrate markets deeper, especially in Tier 2, 3 cities allowing the spread of information and talent without any limitations.


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