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With the end of this year-long roller coaster, now is a good time to check out the most downloaded apps of 2020 on iOS and Android phones. Apptopia should be credited with compiling this long list.

With over 82 million downloads between January and November, TikTok took the top spot. To say that TikTok has had a turbulent 2020 would be an understatement. The flagship of shorthand video content was on the verge of being banned in the United States, which could have impacted the sheer number of downloads it managed to rack up.

After TikTok, Instagram was the most downloaded app this year with 57.5 million downloads. From rolling out Reels to increasing the IGTV limit to four hours and developing an in-app store feature, Instagram has had an important 2020, to say the least.

Snapchat took third place with over 43 million downloads. Thanks to its reliance on its AR (Lenses) feature, Snapchat was able to attract countless new users this year.

In fourth place, the king of social networks, Facebook (42 million downloads). Facebook‘s attempts to tackle the spread of disinformation on its platform, particularly regarding the pandemic and the elections, are highly commendable.

With over 25 million downloads this year, Twitter has earned its place in the list of the most downloaded apps of 2020. Twitter has rolled out some cool features and updates this year, for example Fleets (inspired by Stories) and the option for users to determine who can reply to their tweets.

While that hasn’t given the social media giants a run for their money, Talking being downloaded 7 million times this year is very impressive.

When the chat moves to the most downloaded video conferencing apps, it should come as no surprise that Zoom has taken the # 1 spot attracting over 73 million users. Meetings, lectures, recording tutorials and much more could be done with the help of Zoom.

Google Duo has emerged as a solid alternative to Zoom with over 18 million downloads this year. And don’t throw away Houseparty yet as it’s been downloaded over 15 million times this year. Houseparty has done an amazing job of virtually connecting friends and family in the aftermath of COVID-19.

BIGO Live and Marco Polo also enjoyed 2020 success, racking up 10.5 million and 5 million downloads respectively.

When it comes to messaging apps, Messenger saw the most downloads in 2020, surpassing 51 million. The arrival of the inter-application communication feature between Instagram Direct and Messenger has changed that.

With rumors circulating that this service is working on a self-destructing message option as well as a reverse image search feature, WhatsApp has racked up downloads left and right. It recorded 41 million downloads this year in the United States.

With 29 million, 15 million and 6 million downloads respectively this year, Discord, Telegram and Signal have emerged as viable alternatives to major smartphone messaging apps.

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Via: Apptopia / Basil Labs / Forbes


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