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Current Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now owns some of the most used social media platforms of all time. With Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger among the dozens in its arsenal, Facebook intends to introduce functionality from one app to another and has been doing so for 5 years.

The various examples of such a scenario include the Status feature on WhatsApp which was similar to the Stories feature on Instagram. Another example includes the Explore option which was introduced on Facebook and another is the Watch option on Facebook, similar to IGTV.

Updates from all of these networks have been similar, however, it begs the question of whether or not Facebook is going to make one for all social media platforms or not. If so, where would it end and if not, what are the recent developments and updates?

June 7, 2021, Social media consultant and founder of Geekout, Matt Navarre posted a screenshot of the Facebook app that revolves around Instagram developments. This update was reflected on Facebook Stories made to the user’s News Feed. Matt’s tweet points out that Facebook will share stories uploaded by your friends to your News Feeds.

As of today, anything available on the News Feed is not reported when viewed until it is an interaction through sharing, reacting. or comment on the post.

Facebook intends to keep the new update similar to the way things work, however, the slight update would be for story viewing. If a person stops to watch the friend’s story, it will be reported to that friend, and similarly, any interaction will also report the same.

The technical details of this update have yet to be revealed and the update itself is poised to hit users once it goes through beta testing and polls. consumers. Many with us are thinking about Mark Zuckerberg’s domination plan and how he will transform the face of social media. There are many that differ in ideas and end results, but there is one thing that is absolutely certain and that is that a better user experience is provided and more options for everyone.

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