LinkedIn Bots: Bots on LinkedIn? The social media giant is rolling out features that allow users to spot them

Fake accounts or bots have flooded social media, especially on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

According to the latest report on
CNN, it now appears that LinkedIn has also been infested with countless bots. LinkedIn is the most widely used social media platform for job hunting and building professional networks.

The tech giant, which has come under fire over accounts with AI-generated profiles, has reportedly rolled out a slew of features to address the issue. The new features will help users assess the authenticity of other users before engaging with them. This, according to
CNNis part of the tech company’s efforts to build trust on the platform.

LinkedIn VP of Product Management Oscar Rodriguez said in an interview that the best way to combat fake accounts or bots is to empower members, especially on decisions about how they choose to engage with other users on the platform.

The report then claimed that the Microsoft-owned company removed up to 96% of fake accounts using its automated defense systems. In 2021, LinkedIn reportedly removed up to 11.9 million fake accounts and some 4.4 million accounts long before they were reported.

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LinkedIn has rolled out features for select users starting this week who will verify their profiles using a work email address or phone number. This verification will be added to the “About this profile” section which will also contain details such as the date of creation and the last update of the profile. According to LinkedIn, this will give users additional context about the accounts they intend to connect with. The tech giant said that if the accounts were created recently and have unusual work histories, users are advised to proceed with caution.

For now, the verification option will be rolled out to a limited number of companies. However, it will be rolled out to everyone in the future. LinkedIn said the “About This Profile” feature will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks.

Conversations around the bots took center stage after billionaire Elon Musk used their presence to claim the $44 billion takeover on Twitter.


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