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Known for his inclusive vision of dance and rave music, HE.SHE.THEY. have launched their own social networking hub with an accompanying chat app.

Co-founders Steven Braines and Sophia Kearney say the goal of the new app is to provide “a safer place to chat, make new friends and even go online.” This is done by verifying and verifying the accounts using real people rather than an algorithm.

There is also a zero policy on homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, disability, body shame and racism on the app. Users can report hate speech to a real person if it occurs.

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The app also offers freebies such as discounts and early releases on HE.SHE.THEY. tickets, clothing and exclusive content.

This news accompanies the first episode of their new podcast “HE.SHE.THEY”. released on December 1st with guest Amy Jandrisevits who runs the ‘A Doll Like Me’ charity, making custom dolls for children with unique attributes.

Steven says, “With diversity, inclusion and community, at the heart of everything IL.ELLE.ILS. the fact, we wanted to disrupt the social media space like we did in the arts. We all know that social media sites and dating apps can be toxic with anonymous hate-spitting trolls, but we also know that these apps can bring a lot of positives if you can cut down on the negatives.

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Both the site and the chat app are available on Apple and Android and are free to sign up and download. Sign up for the app here.

The podcast can be streamed on Spotify, Apply, Amazon Music, and Acast.

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