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New Delhi: “Comprehensive standards will soon be introduced to regulate social networking sites,” the central government told the New Delhi High Court.
reported. Disable the accounts of those who post objectionable messages on social networks; are cancelled. The New Delhi High Court is investigating many cases against this.

“Does the central government plan to devise methods to control social networking sites in this regard?” Like, the High Court had already raised the issue. The hearing of this case returned yesterday. At that time, lead attorney Kirtiman Singh, who appeared on behalf of the central government, said:
Social networking sites deactivate the accounts of those who post objectionable comments. Sometimes they stop temporarily. Some people’s accounts are cancelled. Social networks should have restrictions on when such actions can be taken.

The central government develops standards in this regard. It is not possible to say when it will be finalized at this stage. Therefore, the courts must decide on existing cases in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

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