How social media platforms are becoming one of the popular forms of communication for environmental activism



With the advent of globalization and easy access to global information, social media networks have become widely used by different generations to communicate on a global scale. People are now more aware of the tightrope on ecology and are adapting all these ways to preserve the beauty of nature and conserve our environment for sustainable development. In in addition to government initiatives, it is necessary that the public begins to become more responsive and sensitive to ecological changes, especially Gen Z and Millennials.

The importance of social media platforms in the 21st century

Today the world feels connected and well aware of what is going on in the world via social media platforms. There are billions of people on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which has also become a source of knowledge for many people, just like newspapers and the Internet. Over 4.5 billion people actively use the Internet and participate in ongoing campaigns and programs. Not only individuals, but brands have also started to collaborate with the environment conservation movements online through these social media platforms to improve their brand perception.

Social media as a powerful tool to create environmental awareness

Social media platforms provide us, as individuals and organizations, a powerful space to obtain involved and learn about the various ongoing environmental issues and activities of all around the globe.

As society evolves there are several vertical social media platforms like WeNaturalists are create, a digital ecosystem for professionals and lovers of the environment to explore the potential for using social media to understand cultural ecosystem services – the intangible benefits that the community can receive from the natural ecosystem – and can interact with people around the world to raise issues and find their solutions globally. We saw a lot awareness programs are recognized after being posted on social media in the past. The asset campaigns on social media platforms have a plan to inform and raise awareness among people of the potential damage they can cause to the planet

Extensive use of social media to conserve the natural ecosystem and bring about changes in the society

It is widely recognized by scientists that climate change is triggered by higher levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and tackle what more than 130 countries now have set or consider a goal of reducing emissions to net zero by mid-century. He can only be achieved when everyone is working on it together and for the same it is important to talk, talk, chat and be aware of everyone in the community to take strong action.

Social media provides an important and broad platform for activists to speak out and influence people to take a step forward in protecting our environment. Every little imbalance in our natural ecosystem has a major impact on our lives.

Our relationship with nature needs work to maintain balance for healthy living. Corn finding that balance is a tedious task that the whole world struggles with today and it is where an ecosystem like WeNaturalists comes into play to build meaning relationships, collaborate globally for work and learning, raise awareness, educate more efficient and contribute to the greater good.

WeNaturalists helps meet the needs of the nature community with a triple approach – bringing together social, content and digital tools on a single platform to turn it into an ecosystem. It provides a solution integrating a network of nature professionals, experts and organizations, project dashboards to publish job offers, events and missions, circles, nature news and stories, a collaborative tool for research and funding. The main The motive behind building this ecosystem is to provide work and learning opportunities for individuals, easy access to experts and bring people in the same community with a pattern together.


Social media has the potential to bring about change and so does it. It becomes a powerful tool to raise awareness of drastic environmental changes and consumers are also increasingly aware of their purchasing decisions and purchasing products and services that do not harm the environment. It is important to start planning and implement strategies that can help preserve the environment. This can be achieved by the involvement of public and private institutions, and new innovative platforms to disseminate awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability development for a safe and healthy future.



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