How social media apps are paving the way for content monetization



With social media offering new subscription features, content creators will be able to create exclusive content for their followers and generate revenue.

By Sahil Chopra

The social media circle is evolving at an exceptionally aggressive rate. Innovation is at the heart of everything, and we’re always on the verge of seeing a gradual change in the way we interact.

Twitter has finally launched its most anticipated feature, “Super Follows”, announced in early 2021. The feature will give users a set of privileges and allow them to access exclusive premium content. Super Follows is a unique way for content creators to earn monthly income by sharing subscription-only content with followers on Twitter. With Super Follows in action, the social media landscape will witness many changes to come in terms of subscription content. This will allow people to monetize the content and give subscribers access to exclusive content and conversations from their favorite content creators. Twitter users will now be able to create deeper engagement with bonus tweets and more and support their followers while making money. Super Follows will welcome users who want to share their insights and exciting characters on Twitter to engage people in discussions about journalism, music, content curators, games, and more.

Following Twitter’s lead, Facebook offers communities to create space for people with similar interests like games, food, blogging. In addition, communities will allow users to create and join groups. In addition, social media platforms such as YouTube, Github and many others have also launched their digital payment tool to support online subscriptions across all platforms. Likewise, Instagram has also rolled up its socks and is developing a new feature like Twitter’s Super Follows. The new feature will allow content creators to create exclusive stories that will only be available to subscribers. However, we have yet to hear from the organization on the next membership model.

Over the next few months, social media platforms will develop new ways to monetize content and generate revenue from audiences. This is more likely to happen through video content, as abbreviated video content has picked up the pace like everything and has more reach than any other format. Therefore, video marketing will be crucial in boosting social media monetization, as video content is the best way to engage your audience. Video marketing remains the highly consumed digital format to this day and gets more views and engagement compared to all platforms.

Tweets, when paired with videos, have been found to receive 10 times the engagement. LinkedIn users share 20 times more videos than any other type of content. Video content has always been the most effective form of content for driving sales, and Pinterest users are 2.6% more likely to buy something after watching a video. With Super Follows and similar features launched by different social media apps, we will see exclusive video content.

Content creators who have built their user base can make the most of this opportunity because their audience knows their content is worth paying for. Live streaming on social media networks has become easier than ever, and social media platforms can introduce subscription access to live broadcasts. With OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime video charging for access to their shows, social media platforms can also take a similar approach to monetize videos and allow content creators to generate revenue.

Monetizing video content is like monetizing blogs. With social media offering new subscription features, content creators will be able to create exclusive content for their followers and generate revenue.

The author is Founder and CEO, iCubesWire

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