How many social media platforms should your business use


It is indeed true that social media has become one of the most vital marketing tools for almost all types of businesses. Additionally, 92% of marketers say social media platforms have boosted their businesses’ exposure. Since there are different types of social media platforms, you can choose the networks that best suit your industry growth.

However, many newbies tend to have a common dilemma over how many social media platforms they should use for their business. On top of that, even seasoned marketers sometimes struggle to select the perfect social media platform. In order to determine the right social media platforms for your business, it is best that you understand a few things like your business marketing goals, target audience, etc.


How many social media platforms are good for business?

There are different types of social media platforms and you can choose the one that best suits your business. Many marketers often say that instead of using all platforms, it is better to use two or three social media platforms. If you have a limited marketing team, it can be difficult to maintain all platforms.

On top of that, if you are not using all the platforms all the time, you may not be able to reap the full benefits of these social media platforms. For almost any business, it may be impossible to stay active on various platforms. As the business has to focus on other critical factors, there would not be enough time to update each network.

If you are unable to reach target customers on many social media platforms, there is no benefit to promoting your brand on multiple platforms. Hence, it is better to choose a limited number of social media platforms and maintain them properly. For that, you need to determine which platforms are best for your business in order to reach more potential buyers.

How to Determine the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Here are some points that will help you choose the right platform for your business:


Recognize potential customers

Identifying the potential audience is the first thing to consider. Being specific when determining this factor is quite essential as it will facilitate your verdict. Check your potential customers, where the most traffic is coming from, their age and many more. By inspecting these aspects, you can gain insight into which social media platform to choose from.

Define your goals

After you have identified the customers, you need to interpret your business goals for those target buyers. Some businesses use social media to get more sales, traffic, and attract buyers. However, other businesses tend to use these platforms to maintain a friendly connection with target customers, interact with new buyers, and provide consumer support.

Discover your customers

Because you have essential information about customers and your business goals, you need to find the platforms that your target customers often use. In order to analyze this factor, you can use audience demographics on each platform. Thus, it is better to use the platforms on which your target customers are most active.


Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

If you want to try out different types of social media platforms for your business, it is best to check out, which offers great social media services on many platforms. Here we are going to talk about some of the most popular platforms known to have billions of users.


Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms with around 2.85 billion monthly active users across the world. 32.4% of Facebook users are between 25 and 34 years old.

Additionally, 63% of the total US population over the age of 12 has a Facebook account. Facebook also works as a relevant search engine. A recent report reveals that there are over 1.5 billion daily searches on Facebook for domestic businesses, their products and services.



YouTube is another widely used social network that people use to watch videos, create content, and follow their favorite brands. The total number of YouTube users exceeds 1.86 billion. By using YouTube for your business, you can share information about your products in the following ways:

  • Make blog content with an optical strategy.
  • Develop ‘about the product’ videos and include their benefits and other essential information.
  • Post teaser videos about your upcoming products and services.
  • Include the link to YouTube videos in blog posts on your website.


Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos, and it’s also the third most popular social media platform in the United States. In total, 67% of people aged 18-29 use Instagram.

You can post images, stories, and videos about your business, products, and services. On top of that, you can add a little description and links to your website in the sections below.


Twitter is one of the most valuable social media tools. Almost all officials and several journalists use this platform to connect to the world. One of the best benefits of using Twitter for your business is that you can communicate directly with your Twitter users using the direct message option. If you’re looking to engage with your customers more often, Twitter is definitely a better choice.



Here is another social media platform whose users are mostly business people. Here are some of the best ways to use LinkedIn for your business:

  • It’s easy to share your business posts and product and service details on the page.
  • Users can follow your page for instant updates.
  • Business owners and other senior officials can maintain a separate LinkedIn page.

Final result

Social media is a crucial tool for any business looking to gain popularity, online visibility, leads and interaction with buyers. However, it is not necessary to use all the social media platforms available. Therefore, it is better to choose three or four platforms and use them as much as possible.


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