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June 1 marked the start of Pride Month, and this year the month seems to be an even bigger cause for celebration. As the restrictions start to lift and people start to feel a little more free, businesses have more opportunities to show their support and celebrate their LGBTQ + customers in meaningful ways, maybe even in person.

To help you do that, we’ve taken a look at what these oft-used social media platforms have planned for Pride Month, to see how you can get involved.

In keeping with the pride, Facebook has announced a number of initiatives on its blog that apply to a large portion of its product offerings, including Instagram.

On its platforms across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Facebook partners with non-governmental organizations to talk about mental health, share resources and showcase inclusive communities. This initiative includes things like launching a Messenger chatbot with information about LGBTQ + communities and creators in Germany, and showcasing conversations on the Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) Poland.

On Facebook and Instagram, you can support LGBTQ + business owners with #Pride collections curated by the platforms, available to buy directly in the app. And on Facebook, you can participate in Pride-themed events during Live Shopping Fridays, a concept that looks a bit like HSN or QVC but with a social element.

For individuals and businesses offering their support and joining the conversation, pride-themed avatars and Facebook post backgrounds are now available, as are the pride stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories. . This year’s Facebook Pride logo was created in collaboration with Berlin artist Jasmina El Bouamraoui.

To find out more about what Facebook has in store for you for June, visit his blog.

For its pride celebrations, TikTok announced its second annual LGBTQ + TikTok Trailblazers, showcasing the creators “on the forefront of the next wave of digital entertainment and defining what it means to embrace self-pride and live life freely. and at most ”, according to a platform declaration. You can see all the pioneers that will be showcased this month here. The platform will also host live music and programming throughout the month, starting with the Thrive With Pride concert on June 10.

New creative effects in the app will let users have a bit of fun creating content, like trying on rainbow hair or celebrating in a sea of ​​rainbow glitter. You can read everything the platform is doing this month here.

For a more interesting read, Paper Sword, a Canadian business-to-business marketing agency, shared A Guide to Pride Marketing in 2021: How to Be a Better Ally, which was written last year and assesses what brands have done for Pride 2020. We’re definitely in a different place, from a pandemic perspective, than we were when this was written, and the post was meant to be planned long before this month, but its exploration of last year’s brand messages, both good and bad, make it an interesting read nonetheless. Most independent retailers won’t go looking for brand-wide marketing opportunities like Skittles, but there are lessons about messaging that could affect even individual social media users.

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