Guide: Find the right loan type for you

Are you missing out on your next vacation, your new racing bike or your new phone? And do you want to borrow the money somewhere where you are guaranteed that your needs and desires are in the top spot? Since there are countless loan companies, loan types and many different information that you need to master before taking out a loan, it can seem confusing and difficult to find just the solution that is right for you and your situation.

There are a variety of different types of loans that you can take – depending on your current situation. Here is a brief outline of the most common loan types that you can take if you are in need of money.



A consumer loan can be offered both by the various banks, but also by different stores. For example, you can typically take out a consumer loan at your local home appliances and electronics retailer if you are, for example, investing in a new washing machine. Generally, the consumer loan is targeted to your consumption and not to the purchase of larger items such as a car. This also means that the loan provider cannot take out the security of the loan and therefore you should not be concerned about whether they can pledge any of your assets.

payday loans
This type of loan contains small amounts and is an advantage if you are missing out on the money right now and then, as a quick loan takes a short time to take. They are typically found on the web, and all they require is your personal information, after which you can look forward to the amount after a few hours will be deposited into your personal account. A quick loan is therefore targeted at those borrowers who need the money quickly. Therefore, several loan companies also have a higher interest rate for this type, as it also has a higher interest rate than other loan types against its faster dispensation. It is a good idea to be aware of this before you borrow the money this way.



A micro-loan is somewhat the same type of loan as a quick loan, but the term covers more that a smaller amount is borrowed than it does for the other loan types.

The advantage of this type of loan is that it targets those borrowers who lack a small amount, such as to cover unforeseen expenses such as a new computer, if the old one suddenly breaks down. The micro-loan is also sometimes called a mini-loan, but it has the same characteristics.

Loans in your bank

Loans in your bank

As mentioned earlier, you can also take out a consumer loan from your own bank, but you can also offer many other types of loans. Here it is an advantage to go to your own bank if you need further advice or need to put a bigger budget further into the future. At your bank you can also take out larger loans such as for a new home or a new car.

Here it will be about larger amounts than the previous types of loans, but the same for all types of loans is that you need to find out exactly what your needs are, what your financial situation looks like in the future and what amount is Talk about – before you take a quick and easy loan. Therefore, consider some of these things before going out and borrowing money.


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