SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, March 22, 2022 / — The new social networking app on the block, known as “the Kandiid app”, is turning heads in the tech industry and quickly became a fan favorite. The “Kandiid” app debuted in early October 2021 and instantly jumped to #71 in Apple’s App Store. “What sets Kandiid apart from other social media apps,” says owner and founder Antoine McLaughlin. “It’s the app’s ability to turn candid moments into art, giving users the power to monetize – the choices are limitless.” The goal is simple; the Kandiid app will revolutionize the front-end user experience by providing a fully creator-controlled social marketplace. Like other apps, Kandiid comes with features that allow users to post, link content, and login. however, it is the monetization element that puts the app in a separate space.

With traditional social media platforms, the market function is a plug and play element supported as an indirect cash grab. Not in support of the user, but rather of the platform. This is where Kandiid comes to the rescue, deploying a vast network built on a cloud-first architectural framework, opening up a galaxy of possibilities for creators. Kandiid understands this: content creators who receive revenue are in the minority, representing only 23% of the 3.8 billion users worldwide.

Kandiid’s solution to unilateral business levels the playing field by fostering strategic partnerships with every user. Whether you are a fine art connoisseur or an artist with a million dollar gallery, the choice to dictate the narrative when it comes to content is entirely up to the user. To make partnering easier, Kandiid’s interface resembles the look and feel of a social media platform with key features you’d expect, but with cleaner, more concise accessibility. Upon entering the front-loading page, users cannot help but notice the illuminated logo button in the center of the interface. The “Klub” gives access to the market place which transforms the user into a window shopper or an instant entrepreneur free to conduct his business as he sees fit.

Kandiid’s “Klub” feature offers a business-friendly approach designed to meet the growing demand of everyday users. The solution simplifies the overall user experience, allowing users to effectively scale their business or purchasing power. Kandiid is able to leverage the needs of common market users and the ever-evolving AI industry that will result in a renaissance of application intelligence. Kandiid’s primary goal is to foster social media and entrepreneurship in a centralized location with the ability for the user to control the narrative. The defining feature of Kandiid is that the platform is ad-free which leaves users free to focus and browse as an extension of everyday life. Additionally, the support community provides a safe, comment-free environment to encourage free speech. In a society where there’s an app for just about everything, it’s refreshing to know that there’s an app that can organize both your social interactions and the e-commerce needs of users. With a staggering 58.5% of adults using some form of social media and 4.62 billion users worldwide, the demand for platforms providing resources that keep people engaged and connected is essential. From sports, communication, news and lately lifesaving updates, social media platforms are leading the way as a primary source of life’s essentials. Kandiid’s intention is to be the bridge that connects users to real-time life. Since the Covid19 pandemic, more than 424 million unique users have registered or subscribed to a social networking site.

Kandiid understands that each user is unique in what they want, need and want. Teaming up with a group of creatives, creating a platform that combined peer-to-peer interaction, artificial intelligence, and the ability to monetize was a challenge that the team resolutely took on. Unlike its competitors, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit and Twitter, the Kandiid app is all about providing a level playing field for the average everyday user without any geographic or socio-economic barriers. . Each user of the Kandiid app is equipped through the platform to build their art portfolio and thereby expand their brand or awareness across the cosmos. Thanks to the analysis of social competition,
Kandiid provides users with scalable data to improve the social experience of customers and their network. The more users push the boundaries of discovery, the more Kandiid will propel itself into unknown galaxies to provide solutions – advancing culture.

The Kandiid app offers key benefits, including:

1) Kandiid creators make direct sales up to $99 per album
2) Kandiid relies on a direct sales business model
3) Kandiid provides creators with resources to grow sustainably
4) 4.5 million event actions by users
5) Kandiid is installed in 135 countries
6) Kandiid currently has NFT user generated albums attached to sites such as Opensea and Rarible

Investor’s corner
Kandiid App, a pioneer in the creative economy community, has announced its global stance as it enters the next funding round, now open to select investors. The ability to socialize, monetize, and access the metaverse will be a game changer in the future. “With Kandiid, the functioning of social networking sites will be considered the model and the reference for platforms,” explains CEO Antoine McLaughlin. Currently, Kandiid is in a Series Seed round open to new investors of all ranges. However, the shift will focus on a Series A once the starting round matures with reserve guidelines. The social media market is expected to represent $72 billion in revenue, with platforms such as Kandiid leading the way in social monetization. In the past year, the value of social commerce sales exceeded $958 billion, allocated primarily to social marketing start-ups. The market size of the creator economy is estimated to be $104 billion in 2022, a 34% increase from 2021. With over 50 million content creators globally, only a select few are able to live off their content. In fact, 2.3 million creators earn no income. Kandiid recognizes “Kreators” as entrepreneurs and promotes financial stability for Kreators through education and support. Asked about the game ending for Kandiid, Antoine smiled and commented; “Growing up, I was told never to get into an unfamiliar vehicle; now I jump in and out of Ubers, and now UBER is a billion dollar company”. “The power to add value to your content is what we’ve been taught not to do, while corporations profit from billions. Now is the time to put the power back in the hands of users! Welcome to Kandiid!”

**Interested investors should consult professional advisers.

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About Kandiid
Kandiid is a social media platform designed and created as one of the pioneers in the social market. Kandiid has the first of its kind, “The Klub” feature that allows users to monetize created content. Antoine stands behind the phrase “Your network is your Networth”, and believes that everyone is a Kreator. Antoine built Kandiid on the premise of empowering everyday people to hold heartfelt memories by creating scrapbooks and rating the value of their content. Unlike many other social media apps, Kandiid operates on a “judgment-free zone”, which means comments are disabled to encourage genuine expression. The goal for Antione is simple, “Kandiid is a people-driven content vehicle”. The power of creativity must be in the hands of the user; therefore, Kandiid will never monitor or censor user content unless it crosses hate lines. Antoine Mclaughlin has the vision and passion for excellence, and Kandiid is an example of his hard work and embodied dedication to advancing culture.

About the Author
Lamont Curtis Bracy, professionally known as “Renzo”, is an American author, record executive, entrepreneur and media owner. Is an award-winning journalist and author known for creating some of the most intriguing reads on topics ranging from worldviews, humanitarians, socio-economics and
entertainment. Contributing to the Huffington Post, Medium, and numerous local news outlets, Mr. Bracy has become an authority among his peers. Today, Renzo operates in an array of conglomerates as an executive or strategic advisor to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Recently, Renzo was appointed Director of Public Relations for Kandiid (Kandiid app).

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