Five FREE social media apps to boost your business


Your audience/customers/customers are your business. That’s why it’s important that you understand what they’re looking for and what works for your business.

What: This is a free service offered by Google. It offers forms to help businesses conduct surveys and polls to get feedback on new products, market research, and services. When a survey is complete, it’s saved as an easy-to-view Google Spreadsheet.

Benefit from: The Google Forms feature provides a platform through which businesses can easily get feedback from their customers and audiences.

Prime: As it’s a Google product, it’s as easy as creating a Google account and accessing your Google drive, where all documents are automatically saved.

What: A social media tool that can be used to manage multiple social media accounts, minimizing the need to log into different social media accounts to respond to notifications and download status updates.

Benefit from: On their free version, you can link up to three social media accounts and get basic analytics so you can track growth and see what content resonates with your audience – an essential tool for growing and maintaining your audience.

Prime: You can schedule posts in advance.

What: A tool that provides business surveys and is used to conduct market research.

Benefit from: On the free plan, you can set up to 10 questions and receive 100 answers.

Prime: Questions can be produced as multiple-choice questions or open-ended questions.

What: An email marketing platform that allows businesses to create target-specific products to sell via email.

Benefit from: Businesses can connect with customers and expand their customer base by analyzing what customers are buying.

Prime: Gives businesses the ability to create and review email campaigns.

What: A graphic design platform that designs graphics for social media platforms.

Benefit from: Enables companies to reduce costs associated with design.

Prime: Canva comes with pre-made designs that can be arranged to fit the look of any business and include posters, Facebook cover photos, invitations, and more.


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