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As a general rule, only the last three salary statements are enough to justify your income when applying for a loan. In some cases, however, it may be worthwhile also providing your salary certificate. What is the value of this document when making a request, and what concrete benefits can it bring? Our explanations.


What documents are usually required to justify an income?

What documents are usually required to justify an income?

For permanent employees, it is sufficient in principle to provide the last three salary slips (sometimes even a single slip) to justify an income. Temporary workers, however, normally provide the last six pay slips.


What is the impact of income for the establishment of a loan offer?

money loan

The income of the applicant (or the combined income of the applicants in the case of married couples) is primarily used to define the budget. Concretely, the credit institution takes on the one hand all the income of the applicant, and on the other all the expenses. The remaining amount, or budget surplus, makes it possible to define:

  • Whether the loan will be granted or not
  • In case of credit granted, the maximum amount of the latter
  • The proposed interest rate

Certainly, other elements are taken into account such as the situation of the client, his financial history, etc., but income remains a fundamental element in calculating the budget, and therefore the feasibility of the loan.


The interest of the salary certificate

salary loan

Providing a salary certificate in addition to a copy of his last sheets allows you to reveal any bonuses or bonuses that would not appear with only the last sheets. This certificate contributes to improving the budget of people:

  • Who receive an annual bonus (performance bonus, 13th salary, etc.)
  • Who receive monthly premiums which would not have appeared on the last 3 sheets
  • Who benefit from other bonuses


If in doubt, should this document be provided?

salary loan

The objective is always to be able to present your financial situation in the best possible light. If the salary certificate proves an average monthly income higher than that indicated, then adding it to the list of documents is a good thing.

An applicant who goes through a broker or a credit agency like creditflex can benefit from the latter’s experience to optimize their situation. Indeed, where the banks are “content” to study the documents provided, an experienced intermediary will be able to look for the different elements such as a salary certificate which can help improve the budget, and therefore obtain better conditions for his client.

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Different types of loan – Payday Loans /different-types-of-loan-payday-loans/ /different-types-of-loan-payday-loans/#respond Tue, 24 Sep 2019 02:22:29 +0000 /2019/09/24/different-types-of-loan-payday-loans/ Continue reading Different types of loan – Payday Loans]]>

Until recently, lifting a loan could not have gone without the involvement of the employer. The employer had to give a voucher 1 or voucher 2, which of course most of them tried to avoid. None of them were particularly keen on giving their worker their business. for further clarification

Personal loan online

money cash

Fast credit lines that require minimal effort with maximum impact are increasingly in demand. Anything that can be realized online – is an added plus. No one has the nerve to waste time in the queues anymore, and it is best recognized by credit houses.

Croats are in a much worse financial situation than their counterparts in other EU countries. The income is not enough for a normal life, and the costs are increasing every day. A lot of citizens can dream about holidays. Internet banking has experienced a real boom in the last few years. And how not when finances are available to us. However, it does not seem as attractive to the Croats as their European Union counterparts. 

Extra fast loan


The unpredictable situation caught up with each of us. Some welcome them because they have savings for the black days, and some seek quick and easy solutions that will quickly get them out of trouble. The newest solution in the financial market is an extra fast loan. While the wave of emigration continues, and according to demographic experts, is growing, the only city in Croatia that has not felt so much economic decline is Zagreb. Not infrequently in other parts of Croatia there is a complaint that everything is being invested in our capital.

Wages in Croatia are among the lowest in the European Union. The middle class, as a result of poor economic conditions, has almost disappeared. Revenues vary from the minimum, which this year should not be less than 3000 kuna net to astronomical figures.

Online loans in Croatia

money cash

Life without the Internet has become unthinkable. But financial institutions have not yet fully embraced this method of doing business. It is only in the last ten years that internet banking has become extremely popular especially among young people.

I need money today – many of us have said this sentence at least once in our lives. Sudden expenses, urgent trips or unplanned weddings all made us squirm. And then one only wants to know how they will get the money as soon as possible. The unemployment rate dropped to 8.8 percent as a result of working in seasonal jobs. Croatia lives off tourism, and season by season. But there are fewer and fewer and this record low level of unemployment is nothing more than a consequence of the wave.

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Credits without Interest to Earn Doing Trading /credits-without-interest-to-earn-doing-trading/ /credits-without-interest-to-earn-doing-trading/#respond Wed, 18 Sep 2019 16:31:53 +0000 /2019/09/18/credits-without-interest-to-earn-doing-trading/ Continue reading Credits without Interest to Earn Doing Trading]]> How to do trading, but do I have the money to invest large amounts of money? What are the easiest trading branches to invest and earn money with no-interest loans?

If you have started your career as a trader, but do not have enough capital to start investing. Consider requesting a credit without interest, which you can pay with the profits generated by the trading. Trading as such, covers many types of operations, will depend on your taste, specialty or business opportunity.

It is better to learn especially the types of trading that exist, to be able to hunt the best business opportunities.


Trading world and you want to start investing to earn money

Trading world and you want to start investing to earn money

If you have little time learning from the interesting trading world and you want to start investing to earn money. But you do not have the necessary capital availability to carry out the operations for the amount you would like. Explore the possibility of requesting one of these interest-free credits that are offered online. Yes, you must take into account that the rates of these credits without interest. If they are not paid on time they are very high. What could you eat the profit of the operation. You must be very delicate and precise to see big profits. However, it is possible. There are many financial companies that give you these credits without interest at the moment. As long as you repay the interest-free credits within the calendar month.

This represents a perfect opportunity to invest and earn money, without having it. And what is better, paying the credits without interest. It seems too good to be true, true. And it is, but only if you have the skill to invest it well and not lose it. Otherwise you would have a pending debt at very high interest for interest-free loans.


Credits without Interest or Commissions

Credits without Interest or Commissions

This is the interest-free loans offered by many online financial companies. These companies are recognized by the Bank of Spain as a viable option for those who need to obtain urgent capital. They have it arranged as an incentive to get more borrower clients. If you pay after the first month of the credit without interest, you must pay high interest rates. But nevertheless. The credit offer is to return the amount of interest-free credits before 30 calendar days.

The advantage of these types of credits without interest is that they generally approve them at once. There is no need to present documentation of almost any kind, just the basics. Neither do they require being on the payroll (very attractive for entrepreneurs and traders), even when they are approved by ARNEF . Of course everything comes with a price, the high rates as we said before. So, how can you make the most of these types of interest-free loans? Beyond that they serve to leave an economic emergency. The best thing is to think about investments with those credits without interests that are of fast return. Those that the profit margin is high.


This is where Trading is perfect

This is where Trading is perfect

It has the perfect characteristics to be able to take advantage of these credits without interests. But you must be careful, it is not recommended for those who are still in the learning phase. Or experimenting with branches of trading that are alien to their analysis capacity. The idea is to have identified a concrete investment where the projection is reliable. Apply for credit without interest to invest more of our current economic capacity, to obtain greater profits. Then return the credit without interest in a month. It sounds wonderful and it is, if you know how to do it well.


Credit without interest for Crypto Trading

Credit without interest for Crypto Trading

Crypto trading is one of the most used types of trading today. Doing it with credits without interest is the goal. Although in reality trading can occur with anything, it is applied to many fields. The era of technology places Crypto Trading as the revolution of recent years in this field. Because of the ingeniousness of the creation of cryptocurrency calls. A very interesting topic that threatens to shake economies around the world. Since it has involved the mobilization of large amounts of money. As well as multi-million dollar operations, circumventing exchange controls. Taxes and even the fact of having to use legal tender to buy goods and services. Not for nothing at first had its foundations in the deep web. Many organizations used cryptocurrencies to commit large-scale crimes.

Now, in the case that concerns us the idea is, first of all to become an understood of the subject. There are many people who are specialists, they give courses. The tutorials on this subject are almost infinite. But the important thing is to know how to analyze the behavior of a specific cryptocurrency. In a certain period of time. Subsequently change either, fiat money (Dollars, Euros, Yen, etc.) to that cryptocurrency. Another type of cryptocurrency that you want to take advantage of. Or from cryptocurrency to fiat money. Operating with the credits without interests, you would have to request it in the first place. Make the purchase of cryptocurrencies (the amount that the credit allows you). At a given time its value should be below its average price. To later sell it at a higher price. The difference between one value or another, will be what constitutes your gain.


Credits without Interest to Operate in Forex

Credits without Interest to Operate in Forex

Forex or currency market, is that type of trading that operates by exchanging currencies from around the world. According to the value of the moment each one has. It works independently of any state system and has a global scope. That is to say, when you work with Forex, you have the possibility of exchanging any legal currency for another. It is known to be the largest and most liquid market. The sum he manages is more than 5 billion dollars a day. So it is advisable to have enough experience and knowledge to start trading in this market.

It basically consists of studying the moment to moment behavior of a certain currency. Carry out purchases of currencies that are fluctuating in fall (according to the graphs), which are fickle. To later sell them when they have recovered their value. And in fact they exceed the value of when the purchase was made or vice versa. You can make many movements that generate profits. The trick is to be quick for the opportunities and know when to sell at the right time. Being informed and making an accurate analysis of the monetary projections is vital in these cases.


Operate with capital that is not ours, we can request these credits without interest

Operate with capital that is not ours, we can request these credits without interest

Find the one that gives us the highest interest-free loans quickly. Apply for credits without interest, for example if you are starting you can ask for a loan 1000 euros. And so you will not risk too much. Once granted. The operation in which you want to invest is carried out. Sometimes it is daily, others take several days, weeks, it depends on the projection made and the strategy used. Then return the credits without interest without paying a penny more. And voilà! Take profit without having put out of your pocket.


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Credit card loans – the alternative to ordinary loans /credit-card-loans-the-alternative-to-ordinary-loans/ /credit-card-loans-the-alternative-to-ordinary-loans/#respond Wed, 11 Sep 2019 17:18:58 +0000 /2019/09/11/credit-card-loans-the-alternative-to-ordinary-loans/ Continue reading Credit card loans – the alternative to ordinary loans]]>

When you take out a loan, it is always a fixed amount at a certain time. It can be really good for many things, but if you need more flexibility than a loan can give you, consider getting a credit card instead. With a credit card, you have what amounts to a current loan amount.

Therefore, you always have an amount available and you should not speculate on taking out a loan when you need money. As long as you stay within your credit limit, you can continuously borrow the money. Typically, you can postpone your payment for more than 30 days in addition to the interest exemption.

What is a Credit Card Loan?

What is a Credit Card Loan?

A loan where you have a credit card is a very flexible loan. You can use it on an ongoing basis when you need it, and if you do not have a need, you have not borrowed money and therefore do not have to pay anything the other way. You just have to stay within the limit agreed on your credit card, then you can borrow whenever it suits your plans – so you don’t have to take out a new loan on a regular basis if you need it.

When you create a credit card, you need to make sure you get the correct amount limit and you need to know when to repay your loan. In many places, you can get a period when interest rates on your loan do not run, so you can use your credit very flexibly. Furthermore, many credit cards come with benefits other than just the fact that you get credit. You can get bonuses and in some places you can get discounts at selected stores or restaurants.

A credit card can therefore usually pay much better than if you take out many small loans. In addition, interest rates and fees on a credit card may be significantly lower than for quick payday loans and SMS loans. So, for this type of loan, you should definitely consider credit cards instead.

You can use a credit card outside the country. It is convenient if you are on holiday abroad and you need money. At the same time, you can negotiate the credit that suits you best, so you always have the necessary flexibility in your everyday life.

What you need to be aware of


Because you postpone your payment when using a credit card, you need to be aware of when to pay. If you have a good and reasonable overview of your finances, this is a great way to borrow.

As mentioned above, in the long run, it will clearly respond to the different types of mortgage loans on the market, as interest rates and fees on credit cards are lower and you can earn other bonuses besides the card itself.

Requires that you have self-discipline when you have a credit card


It’s money on credit and they have to be repaid. Unlike a loan, it does not have a fixed monthly payment. If you have it and your needs are variable, then credit cards are just right for you.

You won’t find the flexibility with a credit card anywhere else. You can also choose to get a credit card just for the benefit, and then not really use it for anything other than to get discounted different places, as a security if you are traveling or for the day when you just suddenly have need something. You never know what is going on, and with a credit card you can stay ahead of the trend.

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Do we save time by using a broker? /do-we-save-time-by-using-a-broker/ /do-we-save-time-by-using-a-broker/#respond Fri, 30 Aug 2019 16:42:23 +0000 /2019/08/30/do-we-save-time-by-using-a-broker/ Continue reading Do we save time by using a broker?]]>

After having identified and then chosen a property, the purchase procedure continues in several stages : the signing of the sales agreement, the search for financing and the signing of the definitive act. The whole thing to orchestrate in about 3 months. To gain efficiency and time, it is highly recommended to use a broker, such as Good Finance.

What is the sales agreement?


The signing of the sales agreement is a preliminary act, which fixes the agreement between the two parties on the price, the general and particular conditions.

What is the point of including a suspensive clause?

At the time of writing, few buyers have access to all funds. Most have to resort to a home loan for this purchase. By specifying the need to subscribe a credit for the purchaser in the sales agreement, it is protected by law : this is called the “suspensive clause for obtaining a loan”. A mandatory clause according to Article L313-40 of the Consumer Code and described in Articles 1304 to 1304-7 of the Civil Code.

This suspensive clause allows the future buyer to be able to renounce the purchase, if he does not obtain financing within the time limit , also written on the compromise.

Obtaining a loan is one month

Obtaining a loan is one month

If the legal and theoretical duration of obtaining a loan is one month, the reality is at least 45 days. A delay that today is more than 60 days. Indeed, stormed by low interest rates, banks are struggling to honor all claims in the allotted time. It is therefore better to provide a sufficient period for the subscription of the loan offer, at the time of signing the compromise.

How can the broker save time?

How can the broker save time?

In this context of just-in-time, it is even more interesting to call on a credit broker to help you find financing within the required time . Beyond its trading skills, allowing you to earn interest rates and attractive terms, it can also save you valuable time.

Knowing his job perfectly, he quickly determines which credit institutions are most likely to respond favorably to a request for financing, and this, according to the profile of the buyer or the nature of the loan. For example, not all banks accept a 30-year loan.

But on mounting the file itself , the broker can make all the difference. Here again, his experience allows him to collect all the key documents, without multiplying the time-consuming roundtrips.

In this regard, the peculiarity of Good Finance is a guarantee of speed : the brokers of this franchise have no physical records, all shipments are dematerialized, to facilitate transmissions to financial organizations.

Another element of weight, no broker Good Finance takes original documents : there is therefore no risk of losing them.

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Guide: Find the right loan type for you /guide-find-the-right-loan-type-for-you/ /guide-find-the-right-loan-type-for-you/#respond Sat, 10 Aug 2019 16:44:57 +0000 /2019/08/10/guide-find-the-right-loan-type-for-you/ Continue reading Guide: Find the right loan type for you]]>

Are you missing out on your next vacation, your new racing bike or your new phone? And do you want to borrow the money somewhere where you are guaranteed that your needs and desires are in the top spot? Since there are countless loan companies, loan types and many different information that you need to master before taking out a loan, it can seem confusing and difficult to find just the solution that is right for you and your situation.

There are a variety of different types of loans that you can take – depending on your current situation. Here is a brief outline of the most common loan types that you can take if you are in need of money.



A consumer loan can be offered both by the various banks, but also by different stores. For example, you can typically take out a consumer loan at your local home appliances and electronics retailer if you are, for example, investing in a new washing machine. Generally, the consumer loan is targeted to your consumption and not to the purchase of larger items such as a car. This also means that the loan provider cannot take out the security of the loan and therefore you should not be concerned about whether they can pledge any of your assets.

payday loans
This type of loan contains small amounts and is an advantage if you are missing out on the money right now and then, as a quick loan takes a short time to take. They are typically found on the web, and all they require is your personal information, after which you can look forward to the amount after a few hours will be deposited into your personal account. A quick loan is therefore targeted at those borrowers who need the money quickly. Therefore, several loan companies also have a higher interest rate for this type, as it also has a higher interest rate than other loan types against its faster dispensation. It is a good idea to be aware of this before you borrow the money this way.



A micro-loan is somewhat the same type of loan as a quick loan, but the term covers more that a smaller amount is borrowed than it does for the other loan types.

The advantage of this type of loan is that it targets those borrowers who lack a small amount, such as to cover unforeseen expenses such as a new computer, if the old one suddenly breaks down. The micro-loan is also sometimes called a mini-loan, but it has the same characteristics.

Loans in your bank

Loans in your bank

As mentioned earlier, you can also take out a consumer loan from your own bank, but you can also offer many other types of loans. Here it is an advantage to go to your own bank if you need further advice or need to put a bigger budget further into the future. At your bank you can also take out larger loans such as for a new home or a new car.

Here it will be about larger amounts than the previous types of loans, but the same for all types of loans is that you need to find out exactly what your needs are, what your financial situation looks like in the future and what amount is Talk about – before you take a quick and easy loan. Therefore, consider some of these things before going out and borrowing money.

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Is there any further down? Mortgage rates fell sharply /is-there-any-further-down-mortgage-rates-fell-sharply/ /is-there-any-further-down-mortgage-rates-fell-sharply/#respond Sun, 28 Jul 2019 16:44:05 +0000 /2019/07/28/is-there-any-further-down-mortgage-rates-fell-sharply/ Continue reading Is there any further down? Mortgage rates fell sharply]]> Good Finance experienced a significant decline in the credit market in September. Compared to previous months, the circumstances are ideal if you are planning to buy a loan or take out a new mortgage. The personal loans market also remained cheap.

The population continued to consume consumer loans


The baby boom exploded, and this was partly reflected in the central bank’s July lending statistics: the population continued to consume consumer loans, but there was a slight decline in the amount of home loans taken. Despite the fact that young families had taken out a $ 54 billion baby loan at the time of the start of the government loan, the personal loan volume increased by 12 percent compared to the previous month.

After HUF 47.1 billion in June, we took out 52.97 billion from the hit loan of Hungarians. In the case of home loans, the situation is slightly different: the volume in July dropped to the level of March, but still exceeds the annual average. After the $ 82 billion in June, we only borrowed $ 76.49 billion, which is a 6.7 percent decline on a month-to-month basis, but of course the huge amount that Hungarians take out each month to buy a home. That is, previous findings that the baby loan will have a crowding out effect on the market are not yet made, but according to Good Finance, the August figure will be more telling.

We can get a home loan in practice on even better terms


Of course, the hunger of Hungarians is fueled by the fact that the 10 million baby boomers are often low on today’s real estate market, but Good Finance says that a new factor is the unprecedented level of interest rates, for example, its APR fell further to 5.06 percent in July from 5.08 percent a month earlier. As usual, the portal has already examined September home loan deals available in branches, which, as in previous months, once again show that we can get a home loan in practice on even better terms, even from the more secure 10 or 15 year mortgage.

Specials and interest rate falls with the onset of autumn

Let’s take a look at the major changes banks made in September:

GFIC Bank significantly reduced mortgage loans.


  • The 10-year consumer-friendly loan can be taken at 5.05 percent instead of 5.94 percent,
  • dropped from 6.7 percent to 5.37 percent for 15-year-olds, from 6.45 percent for 15-year-olds to 5.37 percent,
  • and the fixed 20-year interest rate dropped from 6.45 percent to 5.37 percent,
  • with a 5 year interest rate on conventional home loans, it fell from 5.45 percent to 4.46 percent,
  • and the traditional 10-year interest rate has fallen from 5.94 percent to 5.05 percent.

not go too far when it came to mortgage rates:

  • The interest rate fell from 4.58% to 4.35% over a 5-year period
  • At 10 years, from 5.26 percent to 4.96 percent
  • if we take a $ 200,000 income approach, the interest rate can be very impressive 2.75 percent and 3.36 percent.

Provident turns to the fall with a special personal loan . The main features of the Honest Bank are:

  • available until October 14th
  • Available loan amount: $ 350,000 – $ 600,000
  • 20 months maturity
  • interest: 10.41%
  • THM: 10.9%

For the 5-year interest rate period, Good Lender Bank modified its loan from HUF 2-5 million from 6.49 per cent to 6.09 per cent, from HUF 5-20 million from 5.64 per cent to 5.24 per cent and above HUF 20 million from 5.34 per cent percent. At 10-year interest rates, you can borrow at the same amounts at 6.94%, 5.79% and 5.49%. Consumer-friendly loans are available at interest rates ranging from 2 to 10 million forints over a 5-year period with a 3.86 percent interest rate and above 10 million forints with a 3.84 percent interest rate. The interest rate is 4.65% and 4.42% for a 10-year period.

Changes around the baby room

Sberbank has tightened its action on a baby loan: it has so far been enough to open a checking account and raise income to use up to $ 50,000 worth of credit. From September, however, both the debtor and the debtor must open an account, and the credit is divided equally between them.

Until the end of October, CIB Bank will make a credit of HUF 15,000 to the borrower’s retail HUF bank account for repayment. The financial institution also came forward with a mortgage loan: a one-off credit of HUF 40,000 will be credited to the client’s bank account if the loan application is fully accepted by 31 December 2019 and the loan will be disbursed by 29 February 2020 at the latest.

It is worth paying attention, it is worth calculating

Good Finance draws attention to the fact that besides favorable interest rates, several banks are releasing start-up costs, saving us hundreds of thousands more. Using a calculator will not only determine the costs, but also what promotions are available to help you calculate which offer is best for you.

For almost three years, Good Finance has been helping the public be fully satisfied with their financial decisions in the long run. We can compare the most important banking products with the calculators of the specialized portal, and the analyzes and entries on the page help to inform the financial world, making an informed and appropriate decision in the given financial situation.

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