Facebook vs Twitter – Social media apps that use the most data



Just 30 minutes on Facebook can cost you 175MB of data, MyBroadband found in a recent comparison of the data usage of five popular social media apps, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.

Of the top five social media apps tested by MyBroadband, Facebook was the biggest data consumer, while Twitter had the most efficient data usage, consuming 38MB during a half-hour session.

Our comparison was conducted in social media iPhone apps and consisted of scrolling through each app’s feed, reading posts, opening images, and watching short portions of videos. For LinkedIn, we did various job searches.

Each application provides a data saving mode, and its implementation differs from platform to platform, with some applications benefiting much more from this setting than others.

Twitter’s data saver was the most efficient, reducing consumption by 55% by lowering the resolution of images displayed in posts.

Facebook came second in the data saver rankings, using 53% less data than its standard mode by reducing video resolution and disabling video autoplay.

LinkedIn and Instagram showed the least improvement in data saving mode, posting lower consumption of 3% and 6% respectively.

LinkedIn had the most surprising data consumption. While it consumed less data than Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, the 87MB it consumed in 30 minutes was significantly higher than expected, given that we didn’t watch any videos and spent the majority of the time. time to look for a job.

Considering that TikTok is only a video streaming platform, the 118MB and 101MB it used in standard and data-saving modes, respectively, was to be expected.

Below is a table showing the data consumption after 30 minutes for each social media application, in standard mode and in data saving mode:

Data usage of social media apps after 30 minutes
Application Standard Saving data
Twitter 38 MB 17 MB
LinkedIn 87 MB 82 MB
TIC Tac 118 MB 101 MB
Instagram 123 MB 119 MB
Facebook 175 MB 83 MB

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