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Even though there are many apps that have achieved such success and continue to reach new heights, it is undeniable that Facebook and YouTube are still the most popular and used apps. These two apps are the ones that started it all and provided the foundation for the social media world that exists today. All of the other apps that followed compromised one thing or another that was a replica of one of the two apps. If we compare the two apps, we can clearly see that right now or for the past few months, Facebook is slowly but gradually seeing a decline in its users. Over the past few months, Facebook has been part of so much controversy that this decline the social media platform is seeing these days was bound to happen, make no mistake about it, Facebook is still the most widely used, but by compared to YouTube, it is experiencing a decline in its number of subscribers.

The Pew Research Center conducted a research to find out how Americans use social media platforms and from there they reported that Facebook and YouTube were the networks that almost took off at the same time, but YouTube is the only platform that continues to grow every day. It can be seen that the share of users on the social media platform has increased from 73% of adults in 2019 to 81% in 2021, while the same cannot be said of Facebook as its share of users is remained unchanged at 69% since 2019. According to Pew’s report, Facebook’s growth has remained about the same over the past five years, but in the United States of America, it remains one of the platforms for most used social media.

The Pew report also states that the only platform that hasn’t been able to see a drastic change in its subscriber count is Reddit whose user share has increased from 11% in 2019 to 18% in 2021. That may look like a little change. but if we take a closer look at the results, we’ll see that it’s actually really huge. In the data shared on the report, it can be seen that growth on various social media platforms other than Facebook and YouTube has slowed down, but that doesn’t mean Americans aren’t using social media apps the way they do. were doing before. . According to the report, around 49% of Facebook users visit the social media platform at least two to three times a day, as well as 38% of Instagram users use the app more than once a day. less and the same goes for the 45%. Snapchat users.

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